Is AirVPN Good For Torrenting

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AirVPN is a provider guarding your virtual privacy since 2010. It was initially created by online security enthusiasts with the goal to build a safe and anonymous VPN service. Indeed, many users praise the vendor for its outstanding security measures. However, torrent-related protection is a bottleneck for many providers, even those that should know the ropes. So, is AirVPN good for torrenting or is it not all it’s cracked up to be? Be sure to read the post and you’ll know the answer.

Can You Torrent with AirVPN?

The main question that interests torrent enthusiasts is whether AirVPN allows torrenting / P2P file sharing. Right off the bat, it does. Moreover, the service is quite generous and it doesn’t restrict you to specific servers only. It means that you can freely connect to any of their 226 servers located in 20 countries and access torrent sites. With this being said, I still encourage you to utilize servers stationed in torrent friendly countries such as Romania, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc.

One more good news about AirVPN is that it maintains blazing download speeds. The service makes sure that your torrenting session won’t turn into a disaster. In comparison to your original connection, a minor slow-down is inevitable but it won’t hurt the overall experience. The speeds vary from good to excellent depending on a server you pick. The service recommends connecting to geographically close locations if you want to achieve the best speeds. For the same purpose, it offers port forwarding.

Finally, AirVPN has no bandwidth limits so you can download as much as your heart desires.

Will AirVPN Take Care of Your Privacy?

AirVPN is registered in Italy which is a well-known member of the 14 Eyes spy alliance. For many users, such jurisdiction will seem to be unfavorable and they surely have a point here. However, AirVPN found a way to trick the system by implementing a bulletproof zero-logging policy. It means that the company is not able to provide any information regarding your activity because it simply doesn’t have it on its hands. Not even connection logs are kept. Hands down, a transparent logging policy is the most important factor when you select a VPN service for your peer-to-peer activities.

The most advanced security facilities are also in place with AirVPN. For instance, the service delivers an industry-standard encryption protocol OpenVPN that boasts unbreakable code. Perfect Forward Secrecy and the absence of DNS and IPv6 leaks are also worth praise.

What the service lacks is an anonymous SOCKS5 proxy that allows browsing and downloading without traffic encryption. On the other hand, given the fact that the service supports excellent speeds even with encryption, most users are doing fine without proxy anyway. 

AirVPN Prices

You can test the provider out by paying a euro and getting 3 days of service in return. If you want to opt for a more permanent plan, AirVPN can be yours for only 7 euro per month (approximately $8). The service also offers a tier discount policy if you purchase longer-duration subscriptions. Thus, you can save 28% with a 6-month tariff that costs only 5 euro per month (billed as 30 euro; it is about $35). The annual plan will save you even more with its 4.5 euro per month price (the total package is priced at 54 euro, which is around $63).

AirVPN for Torrenting Final Thoughts

Not only does AirVPN allow torrenting but also it is one of the best solutions for security-conscious users. Its straightforward log-less policy protects the users’ rights to stay anonymous on the web. It enables you to download torrents you want and from any country the service keeps its servers in. AirVPN has no bandwidth limits and its speeds are surprisingly fast even if you connect to a remote location. All in all, AirVPN is good choice for torrenting.


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