Is IPVanish Good and Safe for Torrenting?

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Let’s be completely honest – torrenting is in a grey zone. It means that sharing files with other users is absolutely fine if you own this content. The other thing is that most people make use of torrents to share copyrighted content, which is illegal. If you don’t want to face a hefty fine for downloading files you’d better conceal your online activity from enforcement agencies. The best way to do so is to connect to a VPN that will take care of your security. In this article, we test one of the best VPN providers around, IPVanish. It claims that it allows peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic but is this service really good for this purpose? Read on to find out if you should pick IPVanish for torrenting. 

Your Security is in Good Hands

It comes as no surprise that torrent enthusiasts opt for VPNs if they want to hide what they do on the web. When a connection is unsecured our ISPs can collect information about every site we visit, every file we download, and everything we searched online. If your activity arouses rights holders’ suspicions they can demand your internet provider to turn this data over. But wouldn’t it be great if there were no data on your online travels altogether? This is where a reputable VPN service steps in. 

What makes IPVanish safe for torrenting? It is simple – the service doesn’t keep any users logs at all so you can stay anonymous all the time. Some providers do retain connection and even activity logs meaning that their clients could be traced to their real IP addresses. But this is not the case with IPVanish, they exercise an airtight zero-logging policy across the board.

IPVanish is Torrent-Friendly

Unlike other services, IPVanish prides itself on providing the ability of torrenting for its subscribers. While other vendors may ban your account if you use torrent sites, IPVanish developed its services to provide you with maximum comfort and peace of mind. 

As any law-abiding company, IPVanish will officially state that they don’t encourage users to take advantage of torrents. However, their site clearly says that if you want to use the possibility of P2P file sharing, they will lend a helping hand. In fact, the service doesn’t have mechanisms to detect clients downloading torrents so they can’t turn in those who violate the copyright law.

SOCKS5 Proxy from IPVanish

Since 2016, all IPVanish clients can enjoy unlimited torrenting through their proxy server located in the Netherlands. When you connect to a network with proxy it doesn’t encrypt your traffic, but it allows for faster speeds than a VPN. You can rest assured knowing that you stay anonymous even without your data being encrypted since proxy will reliably hide your IP address from prying eyes. 

To make your life easier, you can change your IP address even without the need to turn your VPN on. For that, you can use a proxy configuration option on your torrent software. But if you want to enhance your protection, you can run both proxy and a VPN at the same time to switch your IP address twice. This also allows having separate IPs for your torrent client and browser.

Lightning Speeds

Even the most secure service will be useless if it doesn’t provide good connection speeds. Luckily, with IPVanish, you can get some of the fastest connection in the industry thanks to their own Tier-1 Data Network. You probably didn’t know it but the service’s parent company runs a massive CDN (Content Delivery Networks). Therefore, IPVanish can rightly boast the best speeds for download torrents.

IPvanish’s network is designed to provide Gigabit server speeds. In practice, it allows P2P transfers with fantastic 50-100 Mbps speeds and even faster. 

If your IP frowns upon torrent sites it may use throttling to slow you down. However, IPvanish lets you bypass the limitations of your Internet provider and enjoy downloading to the fullest and at the maximum speed.

P2P Data Transfers on Every Server

When you subscribe to a VPN service that allegedly allows torrenting you may later find out that it poses certain limitations. For example, you can discover that torrent downloading is allowed only on dedicated servers for which you need to pay extra. But the situation is completely different with IPVanish. They have more than 1,000 servers with 40,000 IP addresses and every single one of them permits P2P computing. 

IPVanish’s servers can be found in 60+ countries meaning you can select any location to mask your IP. Although the company always recommends hooking up to the closest server to ensure the fastest connection, I would consider routing your traffic through the torrent-friendly countries such as the Netherlands, Mexico, and Switzerland. 

What Else IPVanish has to Offer

One of the major things that made VPNs in demand is traffic encryption. IPVanish adopted the latest security protocols with military-grade 256-bit encryption. These protocols are considered to be unbreakable so you can rest assured knowing that your data is safeguarded. The service offers the cutting-edge OpenVPN protocol that supplies the best combination of speed and security. You can also opt for a L2TP protocol for a change.

If you are worried about connection interruptions you will be pleased to know that IPVanish has a Kill Switch function now. It prevents any unencrypted traffic to go through your regular internet connection if a VPN server fails. Thus, your real IP address won’t be exposed while torrenting.

On top of that, the vendor took care of other troubles you may encounter when being connected to their servers. You can forget about DNS and IPV6 leaks. LAN traffic blocking feature won’t let you connect to your network if a VPN is off. This ensures an extra level of protection for your online activity. Finally, IPVanish provides free of charge NAT firewall that prevents hackers’ and botnets’ attacks.

IPVanish for Torrenting Bottom Line

All in all, IPVanish is a great service for your everyday needs. It will conceal your IP address and encrypt your data allowing maintaining your privacy on the net. What makes IPVanish good for torrenting is an abundance of special features such as SOCKS5 proxy and no-logs policy. Also, the service supports p2p file sharing on all its servers while providing lightning-fast speeds.


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