Does IPVanish Work with Netflix

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As you know, Netflix has aimed at eradicating intermediaries between its services and viewers. Such middlemen are VPNs that allow people to overcome content blocking based on regional restrictions. Many VPN providers have already fallen in the war against Netflix but there are a handful of services that still fiercely resist. Is IPVanish among the latter or you can no longer rely on it to help with Netflix unblocking? In this article, I will study this popular vendor with a magnifying glass and give an answer to the question that thousands of users are asking – Does IPVanish work with Netflix?

Why Netflix Blocks a VPN

Netflix is one of the most coveted streaming services in the world. Trying to please the audience worldwide, Netflix opened many offices in different countries. At the same time, it didn’t give the viewers the equal rights to watch its content. Thus, viewers from the United States have access to thousands of titles while other countries have catalogs several times smaller, and some countries are deprived of their attention by Netflix at all. For this reason, viewers from some territories are so eager to watch Netflix in another country, mostly in the US. For a long time, VPNs remained the most reliable way to overcome Netflix’s geo-blocking. The tables have turned, however, when the multimedia giant decided to put an end to this practice.

The reason for this was the dissatisfaction of the content producers as well as the copyright law and fierce competition from other streaming services. In any case, in Netflix’s eye, watching video through a VPN is a big no-no. Even those VPN users who don’t intend to use VPNs to bypass blocks but simply to protect their privacy were brought under the sanctions.

Can IPVanish Unblock Netflix?

Right off the bat, I am going to tell you the sad news – IPVanish is no longer your ally to help unblock Netflix. All its servers in the USA turned out to be blocked by the video service. The situation is the same with overseas servers so you can’t access regional Netflix in other countries either. The vendor withdrew itself from a losing game against the multimedia giant and decided to focus on other important aspects of the business. If you signed up for IPVanish because of its great speed and outstanding security facilities you shouldn’t worry, they are still in place. 

If you don’t give up on the idea of getting tons of movies and shows you might want to try torrents is an excellent alternative to Netflix. I am sure you can find the same titles as those in Netflix catalogs and even more. IPVanish offers unlimited P2P bandwidth so you will have no download limits. Besides, all your activity will be under the service’s protection thanks to its strong encryption and IP disguising. 

How to Get Around IPVanish Netflix Proxy Error

Luckily, there are VPNs that can still deliver you to the world of the multimedia content provided by Netflix. You just need to investigate the VPN market thoroughly. If you don’t wish to spend your time and energy on trying one vendor after another you can simply trust my expert opinion on this matter. The service that still works with Netflix is NordVPN.

How does it manage to withstand Netflix bans when so many other providers fell short? It is due to the fact that NordVPN relentlessly increases its server count. By adding new IP ranges the vendor wins some time until Netflix recognizes them as belonging to a VPN and blacklists them. Then the process starts all over again. So far, this tactics works and you can still trick the multimedia platform.

One of the more reliable ways to watch Netflix with a VPN is to get a dedicated IP. With shared IP addresses, it is easy to figure out VPN traffic since too many people with the same address sign in to Netflix. With a dedicated VPN server, its IP will belong only to you and Netflix will never tell a difference between a regular connection and the one via a VPN. The drawback is a high cost of a static IP, but it’s worth it if you desire to get a full library of Netflix’s content without the need to move to a different country.’

IPVanish and Netflix Wrap Up

IPVanish honestly admits that it is no longer able to withstand blocking by Netflix and some other large multimedia services. But the vendor still does its work exceptionally good when it comes to your protection in the digital world. It manages to combine golden-standard encryption, a large server network, and ultra-fast connection speeds. Besides, it is perfect for file sharing through P2P services (aka torrents).


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