FrootVPN Review and Rating

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For customers in search of a bargain-basement VPN provider, FrootVPN offers some of the cheapest prices around. While this company has some good features, there are a number of drawbacks involving protocols, speeds, and ease-of-use. For this reason, we cannot give FrootVPN our highest recommendation, but it may still be a suitable cost-saving option for experienced VPN users shopping for service on a budget.

Quick Facts About FrootVPN:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No speed throttling
  • P2P support
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP
  • Use up to three devices simultaneously
  • Over 30 servers in 19 countries

FrootVPN Pricing Structure

FrootVPN is probably the least expensive VPN available right now, unless you are planning to go with a free provider (FrootVPN used to be free). It is even less expensive than NordVPN or PIA, two of our recommended VPNs which are renowned for their low rates.

Pricing for FrootVPN is as follows:

  • 1 month: $4.99 per month
  • 3 months: $3.99 per month
  • 12 months: $2.99 per month

What is the catch? As you may suspect, there is one. While FrootVPN is cheap, it is also quite hard to use. I will get into this more later on in the review.

Core Features of FrootVPN

Now let’s learn about the pros and cons of FrootVPN in-depth.

Security and Privacy

FrootVPN features robust 2048-bit encryption along with PGP for added privacy. Additionally, the company has this to state about logging:

“We don’t keep any logs of any kind. All we ask from you is your email address and username. No other information is kept on our servers.”

This is very reassuring, as many other VPN providers do keep session logs. While session logs do not contain personally identifiable data, many users are only comfortable browsing with a VPN that keeps no logs whatsoever.

One special security feature offered by FrootVPN is the company’s no-NAT policy. NAT stands for “Network Address Translation,” which is a feature found on routers. Companies that permit NAT may open the door to third-party interception. FrootVPN closes that door to protect you as you surf the web.

In terms of security protocols, some reviews right now mention varying support for different operating systems, and state that Windows 8 and Linux only feature PPTP. I contacted FrootVPN about this, and they reported that you can indeed use OpenVPN on both Linux and Windows 8. So you are not actually stuck with PPTP.

FrootVPN Servers and Their Locations

FrootVPN features more than 180 servers in 34 different countries. These include the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Isle of Man, Brazil, Israel, Japan, Mexico, and a selection of European nations. This is not the largest selection out there, but it is not the smallest either. Some VPNs offer fewer than 20 servers in a handful of countries, but others offer hundreds of servers in more than 80 nations.

frootvpn servers and locations

Supported Operating Systems and Devices

Supported operating systems include Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Unix/Linux. This means that you can use FrootVPN on most laptop, desktop, and mobile devices. You also can use it on your router so long as you have one with VPN support.

FrootVPN Speed, Bandwidth, and Stability

FrootVPN has been known to experience stability issues, but reports of disconnects have been dwindling over the past year. This is likely because FrootVPN has had a chance to iron out some of the problems which affected it at launch, back when it was free.

In terms of bandwidth, FrootVPN has no restrictions, which is excellent for P2P, gaming, and streaming. What about speed? This is an area where FrootVPN is lacking; many users report that their download speeds drop precipitously when they are surfing the web through FrootVPN. Typical download speeds seem to range between eight and 10 Mbps. Obviously if you are used to something like 20-30 Mbps, this could be quite problematic. It may not be an issue if you are just browsing and sending emails, but it could slow down downloads, streaming, and games.


This is another troubling issue with FrootVPN—though how big a problem it is depends largely on your computing abilities and what you are looking for in terms of a VPN interface.

FrootVPN was not designed with ease of use in mind. There is no local client. You have to go through the website to sign up for the service, and then you need to adjust your computer’s settings directly or download a third-party VPN client which is compatible. None of this is easy or intuitive for a casual user.

This along with the poor speeds may explain FrootVPN’s cheap pricing. The company has cut some corners by not including a GUI. Of course, if you do not need a GUI and feel comfortable proceeding anyway, this VPN can save you money.

FrootVPN does provide a step-by-step guide to help users work through the manual process.  While many customers may still struggle with this setup, others may prefer it.

Refund Policy

It appears that at times in the past, FrootVPN has offered a free trial, but that is not currently the case. There is however a 30-day money back guarantee, which means you can try the service out for a month with no risk.

Customer Service on FrootVPN

A blog post in 2016 mentions the return of live chat. While there is no sign of it while not logged in, FrootVPN states that it does offer live chat during business hours for customers who have registered. There is also a web form you can fill out to ask a question, and an email address you can use. If you want to try and solve your problem on your own, you can look through the installation and troubleshooting guides. Going off of customer reviews, dealing with support is an iffy experience, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

FrootVPN Pros:

  • FrootVPN is incredibly cheap. You will be hard-pressed to find comparable or lower rates anywhere for VPN services, short of going free. If your primary goal is to save money while surfing the web securely, registering an account with FrootVPN is one way to do it.
  • There is a reasonably large selection of servers around the world. Even though the selection is not as great as it is with other VPN services, it is ample enough that you should be able to find a server without a problem in almost any region. Contrast this with a lot of Eurocentric VPN providers which fail to offer servers around the globe.
  • P2P is supported. If you are looking for a VPN which will allow you to use torrents, FrootVPN places no restrictions on your peer-2-peer usage.
  • Bandwidth is unlimited. Stability appears to be improving. Both of these are outstanding if you are planning on sharing files, streaming or gaming.
  • You may connect up to three devices simultaneously.
  • Live chat is provided. Not all VPN services allow you to talk to a live agent.

FrootVPN Cons:

  • Speeds are slow. This is one of the biggest downsides of FrootVPN. When you use a VPN, the hope is that your speed will be the same as usual, or even improved. But with FrootVPN, chances are good that your speeds will drop. This may make the service hard to use for P2P and other intensive speed-intensive applications. So even though P2P is supported, it is questionable how useful FrootVPN actually is for sharing.
  • There is no GUI. Unless you are an experienced VPN user and you are comfortable working without a graphical user interface, the lack of a GUI Is probably going to cause you a lot of headaches setting up FrootVPN and using it.
  • Customer support is questionable. Since reports on customer service are mixed, this may also be a drawback with FrootVPN.


FrootVPN is a Bare-Bones VPN Which Offers Minimal Features for Maximum Savings. If you are looking for a VPN which is going to offer you a rich abundance of features, high download and upload speeds, terrific stability, and an intuitive interface, you will want to look somewhere else—FrootVPN offers none of those.

But if you are keen on saving money, you are not going to find a better cost-savings opportunity anywhere outside of the world of free VPNs.

While FrootVPN may not offer as much as many of its other paid competitors, it can top most free VPNs out there, making it a great middle ground for experienced users who can do without a GUI.

Our Score

8.8 Good

While FrootVPN may not offer as much as many of its other paid competitors, it can top most free VPNs out there, making it a great middle ground for experienced users who can do without a GUI

  • Price 10
  • Security 9
  • Speed 8
  • Support 8

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