Does Windscribe VPN Keep Logs

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Widcribe is a newcomer on the VPN market, which rapidly deserved the attention of millions of users worldwide. The main reason for the provider’s success is that it offers its services for free (a premium subscription is in place, too). As you probably know, free VPNs are often a threat to your security even if they promise otherwise. Their major weakness is an unfavorable logging policy. Therefore, before trying any free provider you should know more about its data retention practices. My goal was to find out whether Windsribe VPN keeps logs and here are the results of my investigation.

Windscribe VPN Legislation

Windscribe is a Canada-based service that has to comply with the country’s legislation. Canada is a member of the infamous Five Eyes intelligence group. These countries (besides Canada, the membership is held by the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand) actively gather reconnaissance and intel data and share it with each other. Every company registered in the Five Eyes countries has to provide information about its activity if the government demands. Needless to say that for VPN services, which should put anonymity and security of its users first, Canada’s jurisdiction is hostile. 

To somehow make good on security promises, Windscribe must introduce a zero-logging policy. It is important because if authorities come with a warrant, the service will have nothing to turn over. Thus, they are able to kill two birds with one stone – keep their jurisdiction and prevent access to any sensitive data. So, this leads us to the main question – is Windscribe policy really log-less? 

What Kind of Logs Does Windscribe Retain?

Despite the claim that the provider collects no logs, it does. Otherwise, Windscribe wouldn’t be able to understand how clients use its services and whether they abuse them. Free subscribers have bandwidth limits as well as restrictions regarding a number of devices used. If Windscribe didn’t monitor such things they wouldn’t be able to discriminate services for free and paid clients whatsoever. 

So what kind of information does Windscribe record? They keep track of the total amount of bandwidth consumed for one month. At the end of this period, the data is reset to zero. Additionally, Windscribe keeps information on your last connection (it helps them to get rid of inactive accounts).

There are some connection logs the service retains such as a username, servers connected during a session, time of connection, and bandwidth used. When a client logs out this data is stored for 3 minutes and then it is erased. The service doesn’t bother to keep or store any user logs even permanently. Therefore, it is true to say that Windscribe is a 3-minutes interim zero-logging service.

If you want to get more information about Windscribe I have prepared this detailed review.

Windscribe Logging Policy Conclusion

Windscribe can’t boast a favorable legislation but they try to compensate it with a log-less policy. I have to give the company credit for writing their policy in a human language. It is clearly seen what information they collect and what they avoid to retain. Basically, the only data kept in the system for more than a month is how much bandwidth a user utilized and when was the last time he or she connected to Windscribe. Any other connection logs are discarded within 3 minutes after a session is over. Therefore, Windscribe is a trustworthy service logging-wise. 


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