Does VyprVPN Keep Logs

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VyprVPN has quite an interesting background. Its parent company, Golden Frog, was established in 1994 to help build a safe and privacy-preserving online environment. The company’s founders are prominent internet freedoms fighters so you naturally expect a security-focused service. Does it mean that VyprVPN keeps no logs? Let’s find it out.

Where is VyprVPN Located?

VyprVPN is a Switzerland-based business. The county is not a part of the EU so the Data Retention Directive doesn’t have any legal power here. Switzerland also confirms its neutral status by refusing to join intelligence alliances. This implies that the government doesn’t deliberately spy on its residents and it doesn’t share available information with law enforcement agencies or authorities of other counties. On top of that, the country is known for a strong privacy bias thanks to the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act.

On the other hand, Golden Frog, the Vypr’s parent company, falls under the jurisdiction of the USA. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the clients’ privacy may be at risk but there is such a possibility.

VyprVPN Logging Policy

Considering its background, VyprVPN should have adopted a bulletproof zero-logging policy. The reality, however, shows that the user’s confidentiality is not respected in this service.

The provider retains extensive metadata including clients’ IP addresses, servers’ addresses, the time when connection started and stopped, as well as the number of bandwidth utilized. VyprVPN stores logs for 30 days and uses this info for troubleshooting and detecting issues with billing and the network performance.

There is one more interesting detail about the privacy policy. It says in plain English that logs may be employed to ‘handle crimes performed over the service’. In other words, should you use the service irresponsibly, VyprVPN will rat you out to authorities.

I don’t want to say that VyprVPN is a bad provider. It does have its merits. Please follow the link to learn more from by full VyprVPN review.

Log-Free Alternatives to VyprVPN

While invasive logging practices may not be a big deal for the majority of users, I strongly recommend using VPNs that don’t bother to collect logs. One of such providers is NordVPN. It maintains top-notch services without a byte of data about users’ connections stored permanently. Logs are flushed the very second you terminate a session. It means that your safety is in reliable hands with NordVPN. Plus, it provides extensive security-focused features.

In Conclusion

While VyprVPN is registered in Switzerland, which is a privacy-friendly territory, there is a big concern about its parent company’s jurisdiction. The USA is a place where spies are welcome and privacy is not. The country of registration wouldn’t matter in the end if the service had implemented a zero-logging policy. Unfortunately, it retains some invasive logs that make users vulnerable in the face of law enforcement agencies and snoopers.


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