Does Private Internet Access Keep Logs

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Private Internet Access is one of the oldest and the most credible VPN services around. It is loved by millions of users for the abundance of features and pretty low price tag. However, this is what everybody is curious about – can budget-friendly providers really protect their clients? Or maybe they just pull the wool over the users’ eyes to trick them into buying their services? Well, I am going to find out if Private Internet Access keeps logs and if it does how it utilizes them exactly. So let’s get cracking!

Where is PIA Located?

Private Internet Access is a part of London Trust Media Inc. Despite the name, the company is registered in the USA. The country doesn’t have compulsory data retention laws but its copyright legislation is pretty strict. Moreover, America is a member of the notorious intelligence union the 5 Eyes. This means that the country actively monitors its citizens as well as visitors and keeps records of their correspondence. Some large telecommunication companies are also suspected of collaborating with the NSA.

Despite the fact that VPNs are not considered to be telecom companies, their clients can be spied on. Even without a court warrant government agencies are able to pay a visit to VPN providers working under the US jurisdiction and request information about their customers. Users, in turn, will not be warned because the NSA may demand to keep it secret.

Thus, the US is not the best option to place a VPN service.

Private Internet Access Logging Policy

PIA was the first VPN service with zero-logging policy. The company admits that the absence of logs makes it a little harder to troubleshoot or handle abuse issues but they readily sacrificed it for the sake of their users’ security. Therefore, when you read that Private Internet Access keeps no logs it implies no connection as well as no traffic logs. 

Private Internet Access is one of a few companies that can actually prove that what they say is true. The company had to testify under oath twice and both times they confirmed that they did have absolutely no records regarding their clients. They configured their software the way that it doesn’t log anything and every tech-savvy user can examine its code. The company, however, doesn’t exclude external logging and it is impossible to protect against it (just because if it happens, there is no way to find out about it).

Sometimes governments of countries PIA has servers in adopt privacy-hostile laws. It happened with Russia that obliged VPN providers to record Russian traffic and keep logs for a year, the same took place in South Korea. The company just made a decision to disconnect those locations from their network rather than put users’ privacy in danger. Indeed, you will see no PIA’s gateways on the territory of Russia and South Korea. 

A foolproof zero-logging policy should definitely make privacy-conscience be in raptures. If you want to know more about the service’s feature here is a full PIA review. 


Private Internet Access is a no-logging service without any if’s and but’s. The provider is located not in the most privacy-positive country in the world but it doesn’t matter if it has no user data on its hands. PIA has testified twice in courts and proved what that their zero-log strategy was in place. They even withdrew their gateways from counties that tightened their grips on online freedoms and digital privacy. So, PIA really stands for users security and isn’t afraid to fight for it.


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