Best VPN for UC Browser

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If you ask a regular person what is the most popular browser you will get various answers. Someone will say that this is Google Chrome or Firefox. Users of Apple devices will surely name Safari or Opera. Someone might even mention the good old Internet Explorer. Indeed, these browsers have billions of fans across the globe, but the truth is that a browser with the largest amount of users is UC. How did it happen? It is because UC browser is most popular in China, India and Southeast Asia, the most populated countries in the world. As you know, the Internet in these countries is subject to strict censorship and the security of many users is under threat due to bans on certain online statements. Therefore, it makes sense to combine the UC browser with a VPN. If you are looking for the best VPN for UC browser, I will share some thoughts on this matter in this article.

Selecting the Best VPN for UC Browser

There are multiple reasons to use a VPN with your UC browser as well as many VPN providers that offer their services. I will get back to the reasons why you need a VPN later in this article, so be sure to read it to the end. And for now, let’s learn how to choose the best VPN.

Firstly, a VPN should protect your network with reliable encryption. Secondly, it must provide multiple servers to bypass geo-blocking. Thirdly, when connecting to a VPN it shouldn’t hurt access speeds. Of course, each user can have own requirements to a VPN (for example, security-enhancing payment methods, fast 24/7 support, some specific features, etc), but these criteria are three pillars of every reputable VPN service.

You can test some providers on your own or you can simply trust my choices of the best VPNs for UC Browser that will work just fine:

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All these providers have established themselves as reliable VPNs with the safety of their clients in mind. Read further to get more information about these services.


NordVPN is a versatile VPN service that stands out from other provides thanks to a large number of functions. NordVPN ensures a high level of security and data encryption without sacrificing the speed of the Internet connection.

The company has more than 5,100 servers in 62 countries.

With a NordVPN subscription, you will have access to websites that were previously blocked due to geographic restrictions. A unique SmartPlay technology will help you get around these blocks. For your streaming needs, you are able to choose ultra-fast servers that are optimized with P2P. To access restricted IP networks, you can select a dedicated IP address.

The service offers a high level of security on the World Wide Web. It even provides innovative encryption technologies with the possibility of double encryption.

In emergency situations, when a VPN connection drops, you can be sure that your data won’t leak. Kill Switch is designed for emergency shutdown. A DNS Leak system will also provide several layers of security. Your data will be safe even if DNS servers send unprotected data outside a VPN tunnel.

NordVPN allows for up to 6 simultaneous connections. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can ask for a refund within 30 days.


PureVPN offers more than 2,000 servers located in 140 countries. The service runs a self-operated network, which combines high connection speeds with ease of use.

The main advantage of the provider is a unique Split-tunnel feature. You can individually change settings of the Split-tunnel and adjust it for your needs.

PureVPN provides users’ security at several levels. The service will protect you from cyber-criminals, encrypt your data by eliminating the possibility of monitoring, make your adventures on the network anonymous, and allow you to bypass geo-blocking.

Customers of the service are guaranteed to receive high-speed 256-bit encryption of their data with the latest security protocols including PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, SSTP, and OpenVPN.

PureVPN does not retain any logs of their clients’ activities. In case of unforeseen situations, there is an emergency connection break tool (Kill Switch). The service provides refunds within 7 days after you paid for a subscription.


The service offers a wide range of servers – there are more than 1,200 of them with approximately 40,000 IP addresses. So, if you need to bypass regional restrictions, you can do it effortlessly by using a suitable server.

IPVanish offers 256-bit encryption and does not keep users’ logs. This allows keeping your privacy intact.

Strictly speaking, the strongest suit of IPVanish is the speed of its connections. The provider is constantly on a list of the fastest services. It is ideal for downloading torrents and watching streaming videos in high resolution.

In addition to basic security features, the service provides a free Nat Firewall and allows you to block LAN traffic. Kill Switch function is also in place.

The service allows for up to 10 simultaneously connected devices and supports SOCKS5-proxy.

IPVanish doesn’t have a free trial period but you can test it within 7 days and if something is not to your liking you can turn to a 7-day money guarantee. 

Why Use a VPN with UC Browser

Whatever you do on the web, your activity can never be completely safe. You may think that keeping identity secret is needed only for people who have something to hide or whose intentions are not entirely honest. However, every Internet user should think about his/her anonymity when there is a risk of exposing confidential data (and this risk is always real when you enter your passwords or use online payment systems). Hence, every time you launch your UC browser you should enhance its security with the help of a VPN, and that is why:

Avoid Internet Censorship

We all use browsers to find some information on the Internet, send private messages in real time, communicate on social media, watch videos, listen to music, etc. In most countries, such activities are not forbidden by any means and are regarded as something normal, taken for granted. However, in many countries, the state deems the Internet as a threat to national security or a danger to the ruling regime. That’s why authorities try to impose restrictions on information that can be obtained on the World Wide Web.

You’ve probably heard about the infamous Great Firewall of China and a block on the use Google search engine, Facebook and some other tools that we can’t imagine our lives without. Of course, some people have resigned themselves to such restrictions and continue living in the tight limits of what is permitted by the authorities. However, this doesn’t mean that all users are ready to sacrifice free access to the Internet. The best way to get rid of this type of restriction is to pair your UC browser with a VPN.

Get Around Geo Blocking

At a time when most technologically advanced countries reject such Internet censorship, there is a widespread practice of another type of restrictions known as geo-blocking. You probably have encountered a situation when you wanted to watch a video but instead a spectacle you got a message that this content is not available in your region. In this case, the blocking does not come from a state (although it can also censor content), it is imposed by the right holders.

If the multimedia content has commercial value the rights holders sell a license to broadcast it within certain territories. If it is believed that in some countries content won’t be popular, then a license may not be acquired. Accordingly, people in such countries won’t be able to watch this video. Most often, geo-blocking can be found on popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, etc. It turns out that the library of these platforms differs significantly from country to country. Some people can get almost any title while others should be content with a skimpy catalog. And in some countries, streaming services don’t work at all.

If you are in need of a solution to overcome regional blocks, a VPN will cope with this task as best as possible. The service can replace your real IP address with an IP of one of its servers. Thus, a streaming platform will think that you are actually in another country and will give you access to content that was previously blocked in your territory.

Cease Surveillance

An average Internet user doesn’t even know how many threats to security there are on the global web. With a normal connection, your identity never remains fully anonymous. All your online activities have a digital footprint that can help track you right up to your door. And your internet provider is the first enemy of your security because it carefully records all the logs of your activity. This information can be turned over to government agencies, surveillance services or simply be given to interested parties. A lot depends on your browser as well. Every time you see contextual ads be sure that this is the handiwork of your browser that has sold data about your browsing habits to advertisers. Although developers of UC browser claim that their product is completely safe, the scandal provoked by Citizen Lab in 2015 proves that it is not.

Besides government surveillance, be aware of hackers lying in wait for you. As we make more and more financial transactions online, cybercriminals can easily steal your confidential data and empty your bank account. Unprotected networks, such as public WiFi hotspots, are particularly vulnerable.

If you don’t want to become a victim of frauds and the fact of monitoring by the government doesn’t sound appealing, you can protect yourself with the help of a VPN. Just complement your UC browser with a VPN and the latter will encrypt your data so that no strangers can read it.

Torrenting without ISP Knowing

What we do on the web is not always absolutely legal. Downloading content from torrent sites is one of such activities. While some governments turn a blind eye to the problem of torrents, most countries take measures to combat piracy.

We all understand that downloading movies and music from torrents is not good, but it’s so tempting to get something for free. However, your IP address may give you out and then you should be ready to receive a hefty fine. If you still want to have access to copyright content, a VPN will help to avoid punishment. 

I don’t incite to illegal activity by any means. Remember that all responsibility for causing damage to the rightsholders lies with you, but with a VPN you can minimize such risks.

Final Thoughts on VPN Services for UC Browser

Although UC browser is considered to be one of the fastest and securest among its peers, you can push its functionality even further. Remember, when it comes to your privacy on the net no safety means are redundant. UC browser together with a VPN will become a perfect tandem to guard your security and anonymity while surfing the web. 

There are many VPN services on the market but you should have recourse only to the ones that are not only secure but also able to maintain fast connection speeds. Finally, while your UC browser is not capable of bypassing geo-restrictions on its own, a little help from a VPN will make it much more powerful.


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