Best VPN for TextNow

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TextNow is an alternative to traditional text messages, instant messengers, and voice calls. The service comes in handy if your recipient has no VoIP apps installed on his or her phone or if it is too expensive to call or message with your mobile network operator. The major benefit of this service is that it gives users a private phone number for communications. Currently, TextNow is available in Canada and the USA meaning you won’t be able to use it outside these countries. However, there is a workaround. With the best VPN for TextNow, you can employ the service wherever you are. We’ll explain how you can do it. 

Best VPN for TextNow to Unblock from Abroad

In order to use TextNow, you will need a VPN software to get an IP address from the USA or Canada. Don’t forget that private conversations may be wiretapped and recorded so look out for VPN services with strong privacy-enhancing features. Connection speed and consistent performance are also important to ensure your recipient quickly gets files you sent and you can clearly hear each other when talking on the phone.

Finding the right VPN provider is not as easy as it may seem. Luckily, we know a few services that boast top-notch features, excellent speeds, cutting-edge security, and a wide array of servers to conceal your real IP address. Here are 3 best TextNow VPN services we recommend:


The best option for security-paranoid users. It will encrypt all your messages with advanced ciphers and if you think it’s not enough, you can opt for double VPN encryption. Not only that but NordVPN boasts the largest network among peers. It has more than 2,000 servers combined in the USA and Canada and around 5,200 servers in total. Thanks to such a variety of connection options, you can find fast servers with ease. Among other useful features are trademark antivirus, zero-logging policy, competent support, and convenient apps. NordVPN is a budget-friendly service with jaw-dropping discounts for annual plans. 


ExpressVPN is a number one choice for TextNow when the connection speed matters. The service has built a massive network with outstanding scalability to deliver speeds equal to your original connection. You can hook up to any server in 20 locations across the USA or servers stationed in three the largest Canadian cities. As expected from a premium service, ExpressVPN delivers the AES-256 bit encryption and most secure protocols to make sure nobody can read your messages or overhear your conversations. The monthly subscription may seem a bit big-ticket but you can get a nice discount with a one-year plan. 


PureVPN is a balanced provider that offers supreme security features, good connection speed, fast support, and straightforward apps. The service has 490 servers in 13 locations in the USA as well as 60 servers in Canada (let alone 2,000 servers spread out worldwide). The prominent feature of PureVPN is Ozone-ready servers with extra protection against malware and intrusion. By default, the provider deploys industry standard encryption and connection protocols to secure your data from the prying eyes. PureVPN is one of the most well-priced services with solid discounts for long-duration subscriptions.

Are Free VPNs a Good Choice for TextNow?

It is possible to find free VPN providers with servers in the USA and Canada and you might even unblock TextNow but you won’t be able to really use it. Free VPNs supply very slow speeds so forget about transmitting big files or talking on the phone non-intermittent. You should think carefully before sending any messages via weak VPN-powered connection. Many providers tend to log user activities and secretly spy on them. They gladly sell data about their subscribers to the third parties and sometimes allow them to monitor users’ behavior without their consent. If you don’t want anyone to look over your shoulder, stay out of free services.

Here’s How to Unblock TextNow in Any Country With a VPN

Make sure to get a subscription with a TextNow. For this, you can submit your email address or Facebook account. When you signed up, follow the steps below to unblock TextNow from abroad:

1. Create an account with any VPN provider our experts suggest.
2. Download its app for your device and install it.
3. Launch the VPN client and connect to a server in the USA or Canada.
4. That’s it! Now you can unblock TextNow in any country.

You may want to turn on a VPN even if you live in the USA or Canada. Below, we explain reasons to secure your connection with a VPN every time you communicate via TextNow.

Why to Use a VPN for TextNow

Unlike instant messengers, TextNow doesn’t provide user protection. It means that, in theory, anyone is able to intercept and inspect your messages – your ISP, intelligent agencies, data thefts, hackers, etc.  If you don’t want your data to become known, the best you can do is employ a VPN.

It is not a secret that many mobile network operators and ISPs are on bad terms with VoIP and similar services. They are not able to ban them but can throttle the connection making their use impossible. With a VPN, your cell operator won’t find out that you send messages or call via TextNow so you don’t have to worry that it may kill your speed.

Since TextNow is available exclusively in Canada and the USA, a VPN is the only tool to restore access when you go abroad. It is much cheaper to use TextNow from overseas than to make calls on international roaming.


With the best VPN for TextNow, you are able to hide your messages from the prying eyes and get access from any country in the world. Your privacy and anonymity are in good hands if you use the providers we recommend in this post.


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