Best VPN for RuneScape

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Being considered as the largest free MMORPG, RuneScape has won millions of fans around the world. The exact number of active users is not known, but since 2001 more than 200 million accounts have been created in the game. For this reason, RuneScape even got into the Guinness Book of Records. For more than 17 years that the game has been around, it has come a long way, migrating from a browser-based version to an NXT client. It is not known about cases of massive blocking of the game in different countries, but for individual users access to the world of Gielinor might become denied. To prevent this from happening, you can join forces with a VPN. In this article, you will find out about the reasons why you should use this service and how to choose the best VPN for RuneScape.

Choosing the Best VPN for RuneScape

Jumping the gun, I will say that free VPNs are not a good option. Do you want to know why? I will get back to it soon, so stay tuned. 

I will cut to the chase – the best providers are those who value their reputation and invest in the development of their server network as well as provide advanced protective functions. With one of the trustworthy services, you won’t have to be afraid that some servers might be unavailable or connection speed appears to be too slow. While there are plenty of good VPNs, I highlighted the trio of industry leaders capable of taking your user experience to a whole new level. Here’s my pick:

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Each of these vendors offers a unique set of features. Therefore, to learn more about them please take a closer look at the following overviews.


When somebody talks about a VPN service that combines state-of-the-art security technology with blazing connection speeds then they surely talk about NordVPN. There is probably no other provider packed with so many functions. Look for yourself, with NordVPN you can have a huge variety of specialized servers, an ad-blocker, Kill Switch, DNS leaks prevention and many other useful functions.

Gamers will surely like anti-DDoS protection that ensures you will stay connected regardless of hackers’ attacks. There are also ultra-fast servers optimized for gaming. All in all, NordVPN offers more than 5,100 servers spread out across 62 countries. 

You can complement any device with NordVPN to stay protected at home or on the go. If you require, you can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.

The service doesn’t have a free trial, however, you can test it out before a final decision. After you subscribe, you will have 30 days to ask your money back if something doesn’t suit your needs to a T.


PureVPN is a provider dedicated to building its own server network. Unlike most services that rent servers from the third parties, the company actually owns their equipment. It allows keeping all the important aspects up-to-date, including updating security protocols in due course and optimizing software to cater to the client’s needs. Totally, the server network includes 2000+ servers in 140 countries and 180 locations worldwide. 

A great selection of security protocols gives you the desired flexibility if you would like to vary the level of encryption and connection speeds. By default, I recommend that you always use OpenVPN but for secure networks, you can opt for other protocols to boost the speed.

If you are a dedicated RuneScape fan you will no doubt appreciate the anti-DDoS protection function.

With PureVPN, you are able to VPN-enhance virtually all your devices because the service permits up to 5 connections at the same time. If you would like to test the service before opting for longer subscriptions, you can do it with 7-days money guarantee.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a solution for those who are seeking a decent VPN for an affordable price. Indeed, PIA’s price tag is one of the lowest in the industry, but what can you get for your money? 

The company offers more than 3,000 servers located in 28 countries, all are armed with the cutting-edge security protocols including uncrackable OpenVPN. There are also other protocols in place if you are more interested in fast speed connection rather than heavy encryption. As a bonus, the service supplies PIA MACE feature, an in-house antivirus to protect you during your online journeys.

The vendor provides solutions for every type of device and operating systems. From a single account, you can use up to 5 connections at a time.

Private Internet Access doesn’t have a trial period but you can test the service out within 7 days and if something is not to your liking you can ask for a refund. 

Reasons to Use a VPN for RuneScape

While RuneScape has no geo-blocking, your access may be limited by your Internet provider or a network you use. Basically, such restrictions can be found in university networks or at work, i.e. in places where you should be busy with something other than online games. In some networks, your access may not be openly prohibited but the network will use throttling to artificially decrease bandwidth. In such conditions, you won’t be able to enjoy the fantasy worlds of RuneScape either. How can a VPN help you in this situation? It’s simple, a VPN makes it possible to bypass networks’ firewalls and overcome the imposed restrictions.

If for some reason your IP is banned from the game server (the most obvious reason is for botting), you will no longer be able to use your account or create new accounts, at least while you are using the same network. If such inconvenience happens, you can turn to a VPN for help. The service makes it possible to change your IP address without the need to change a provider or connect to another network. All you need to do is select a VPN server near your location (this is needed to maintain a good connection speed) and your real IP will be replaced with that server’s IP.

Also, a VPN will allow you to avoid DDoS attacks and encrypt your traffic. Thus, you won’t have to be afraid of malicious attacks of other gamers or stealing of your private data. Although encryption always negatively affects the connection speed, with a VPN you can actually boost the speed. It is because VPNs can offer a shorter route between the RuneScape’s servers and your device. In addition, many VPN vendors provide ultra-fast servers optimized for gaming.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Free VPN with RuneScape

All the above arguments work well provided that you use a high-quality VPN. This means your VPN service must have a sufficient number of servers around the world to ensure good speed, the possibility to change IP addresses when you need it, and ability to bypass network’s blocks. Unfortunately, with free VPN services, you are unlikely to be able to get it all.

Free VPNs are known for low speeds. With a limited amount of servers, you can often meet server congestion due to a large influx of other users. However, if you are an online gamer, a fast connection is critical, so don’t let yourself settle for a server that doesn’t meet your needs.

On top of that, some unscrupulous players can use a VPN for activities prohibited by RuneScape rules. If such an activity is detected, the developer bans IP addressed behind such users. If this is an IP of a VPN server, then none of the users of this server will be able to join the game. It can easily turn out that your free VPN has too many blocked IPs to really use it for online gaming. With paid services, on the other hand, the choice of servers is always much greater, and even if some of them are not suitable for you, there will always be thousands of other options.

So, if you want to use a VPN when playing RuneScape, choose only reputable providers like the ones on the list. With these services, you will get access to your favorite MMORPG wherever you are, and your user experience will greatly improve.


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