Best VPN for Iran in 2017

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Iran is not known for liberal laws and attitudes. The government in Iran is regarded as one of the most retrogressive and repressive regimes in the world. It is because of this that the government has implemented very strict internet censure laws and they practically control the internet there. This makes it very difficult for locals to access different websites that are not allowed by the Islamic government.

Any website that is deemed too critical of the current regime or the value that it stands for is banned. In addition to this, even social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others are also banned. If you want to access these sites in Iran, you need the best VPN for Iran in 2017. The Iranian Government uses the justification of protecting moral fabric in society for its internet censorship. The sad thing is that the Iranian Government is highly advanced in terms of technology and any form of dissent online is tracked and stamped out ruthlessly.

Are VPNs Banned in Iran

If you want to access any kind of website, you will need to take care of your privacy. For a country such as Iran that has shown very retrogressive internet censorship measures, you’d think that the idea of using VPNs there is illegal. Well, it is actually not illegal. But, the problem is that the VPNs that are allowed to operate in Iran are still censored and will not allow you to access some websites including Facebook and Twitter. They are also forced to decrypt the data you send online if they are ordered to. In that case, using such a VPN service is not reliable and it will be best to consider other options. We have created a list of the best VPNs for people in Iran so take a look at it and see how you can benefit.

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How Does Iran Block Content

There isn’t a lot of information out there that explains how the Iranian Government is actually able to block content online. Citizens who take the risk of probing the network from within can easily be tracked and persecuted by the government. Due to the record of Iranian government kills and tortures, a lot of people are afraid to even try. However, most of the strategies that the Iranian Government uses to filter the internet are pretty much the same as those ones used in China and in North Korea.

There are three layers in internet censor in Iran:

  • The first one is preventive; this is where the government prevents people from accessing certain materials online.
  • The second layer is called interceptive. This simply means that the authorities here will monitor traffic and interpret anything deemed to be a threat.
  • Finally, the government also uses reactive measure where people caught accessing censored sites are punished in order to create some deterrence from others who would do the same.

Will VPNs Work In Iran?

There is no doubt that the idea of using a VPN to access the internet in Iran can work but there are important considerations you will need to make in order to be truly safe.

Here are some of these important considerations:

  1. Choose a VPN that offers no logging of any kind to ensure you leave no trace of your online activity
  2. Make sure that the VPN you have chosen offers obfuscation
  3. The methods of encryption used by the VPN provider must be world class to avoid any risk
  4. The VPN provider should have an automatic kill switch that allows you to delete everything in case something goes wrong
  5. There has to be an effective DNS leak protection policy

In case you are not already in Iran and you would like to visit in the near future, you have to download the VPN before you get there. VPNs that are available in Iran are not that effective and could easily be compromised.

VPN for Iran: Conclusion

Iran is known all over the world for its censorship of the internet but you can still access any information online using the best VPN for Iran in 2017. Feel free to engage us with your comments or questions here below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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