Best VPN for Germany in 2017

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Germany has one of the toughest data protection laws in Europe and a look at these laws may give you a false sense of security. Even though you can be forgiven to assume that German is the ideal place for VPN servers, you have to remember that the Germans have a very elaborate intelligence agency that works closely with the NSA to spy on Germans.

And that is not all, Germany also has very tough laws on using pirated materials online. This makes it very risky to download or stream copyrighted shows and movies with your computer. But, you are not going to have to worry about this for long. By using the best VPN for Germany, you can evade the massive surveillance done on local citizens and stream whatever you want online. In this article, we are going to introduce you to German VPN providers, how they work, and also give you a list of some of the recommended VPNs for Germany.

Best VPN for Germany

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Why do You need a German VPN?

In case you are yet to consider the idea of using a VPN in Germany, there are a number of reasons that would make this a very important thing.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use a German VPN:

Government Surveillance

There is a lot of unauthorized government surveillance in Germany. The intelligence community there is always tracking or monitoring your online activity and this can be quite annoying. Snowden leaks back in 2013 showed that there was a very close relationship between the German Intelligence agency and the NSA in large scale surveillance missions in the country. An investigation by the German Parliament’s revealed evidence that confirmed the intelligence community had been involved in conducting unauthorized surveillance missions on top EU diplomats and officials in Brussels.

The surveillance mostly targets phone calls and emails, and even with these revelations, the government led by Chancellor Angela Merkel announced an additional budget for the German intelligence of about $133 million that would be used to tighten online surveillance. This simply means that you are not safe and whatever you do online is monitored without your knowledge. A VPN will, however, help you bypass these challenges and maintain strong anonymity as you surf online.

Copyright Enforcement

Like many countries in the EU, copyright enforcement in Germany is very effective. The idea that you can download and use copyrighted materials can get you into lots of legal trouble with local authorities. There are many people who have been arrested and prosecuted for copyright infringement in Germany and the last thing you need is to be arrested for the same thing. If you want to access copyrighted materials online, you need to do it anonymously. This means that the authorities will not be able to track you. Whether it’s a movie, a TV show, book, or even a live stream, you need a VPN to make sure that your IP is masked and that no one raises any questions.

What To Consider Before Getting a VPN for Germany

There are many reliable VPN service providers in Germany. However, if you are new to this, it may be a little challenging to know which companies are ideal and which ones are not. There are some factors you would have to look for, though. To start with, the encryption offered by the service needs to be top-notch. With government sponsored surveillance and tough copyright enforcement, you cannot afford to take a risk. Make sure that the VPN also has a good privacy policy. While in many countries VPN providers are required to keep user logs, there are some providers who don’t have to. Make sure you go for such companies. The server options need to be good enough too. This will ensure you can mask your IP in different locations around the world.

Conclusion about the Best VPNs for Germany

Security and privacy online are essential in Germany. The only way to get them is through a VPN and with the best VPNs in Germany, you will never have any issues at all. Please leave your comments or feedback below.


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