Best VPN for Smart TV – Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips

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The world is now a smart place. A lot of people are now surrounded with smart gadgets and even for TVs, there are a bunch of smart ones out there. Having a TV these days is not enough. Entertainment options have diversified quite a lot in recent times and the only way you can be able to access these options is if indeed you have a Smart TV. In addition to this, TVs are now integrating with other devices including mobile phones and other online based streaming services.

But the great thing about having a Smart TV is that it allows you to connect to the Internet. This means that you can actually be able to watch anything online right on your TV. Youtube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are some of the available online streaming services. Watching Youtube on a giant Smart TV is a great thing, but of course, there are some geographical restrictions that may affect your ability to access content in the US and other western countries. This is the main reason why you need the VPN for Smart TV. This guide will offer you a list of the best VPNs that are working with major Smart TV brands including Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips and others.

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What is a Smart TV?

A Smart TV is basically a TV that offers more functions than just watching. It is also called a connected TV. A Smart TV allows you to access online content. This basically means that you can use the TV to watch videos online anytime. There is an Ethernet port in every smart TV to offer the internet connection required to get online content. Just plug in a broadband router into your TV and you will be good to go. Smart TVs have an Android operating system and there are many other additional apps you can download and install on the TV to make your viewing experience even better. If you are yet to get a smart TV, you don’t know what you are missing on.

Why do You need a VPN for Your Smart TV?

The only reason why you need a VPN is to unlock geo-blocked content online. Even as your Smart TV opens up your entertainment horizons, you will still need to make sure that the content you want is not restricted to your location. With a VPN, you won’t have these worries. You can virtually access anything you want and enjoy. The virtual server is meant to help you bypass any blocked content. So, how does it work? The first thing you need to do is to pick a unique VPN service that is perfect for you. Download the client software and install. Once you are connected, select a server in the US or the UK. Make sure that the server you have chosen is in a country where the content you want to watch is not restricted.

How to Setup a VPN on Smart TV

Setting up a VPN on your smart TV is not the same as setting it up on a PC or a mobile phone. There are a few important steps that you have to take in order to make sure everything works. There is no way you can install a VPN client on your TV so you need an indirect way of getting this done.

Here are some suggestions:

  • The easiest way is to share the VPN connection on your PC with the TV. The VPN allows network sharing and you can connect multiple devices including your Smart TV. However, since the bandwidth on the internet connection is now shared, it may slow down the internet, and affect the streaming experience you will have.
  • You can also use a flash router on your Smart TV. This is a tricky option. However, what you need is to make sure that your router is configured with VPN. This will mean that all the devices connected to the router will be protected too, including your smart TV.

Final Thoughts On The Best VPNs For Smart TVs

Watching online content is a great way of diversifying your entertainment options, and with the best VPN for Smart TV, you will access great content from all parts of the world regardless of where you are located.


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