Best VPN for DAZN

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DAZN broadcasts the best events in the world of martial arts. You can watch box and MMA fights of the leading promotions including Bellator, World Boxing Super Series, and Matchroom Boxing. As it is common for many live broadcast services, DAZN is geo-restricted. It means that it is available only for people who live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Canada, and the USA. Nevertheless, you can watch it pretty much everywhere with a VPN. Our post reveals the best VPNs for DAZN as well as services to stay away from. Let’s get ready to rumble!

The Best VPNs for DAZN That We Recommend

There is a number of features a VPN service must have to unblock DAZN and provide the premium user experience. The key features are:

  • Servers in countries where the service broadcasts;
  • Unblocking capabilities – not only the best VPN for DAZN should have servers in the above-mentioned countries but also they can’t be blacklisted by DAZN;
  • Blazing speeds – your VPN connection shouldn’t negatively impact streaming speeds;
  • Intuitive apps – there should be an app for any streaming device you are going to use;
  • Other streaming features – this may include special streaming servers and functions to ease the connection.

Unfortunately, not every VPN service is good enough for video-on-demand and live broadcast services.

We’ve conducted research to identify the best VPNs for DAZN as well as services you should avoid. Top-notch providers for easy access to DAZN are the following:


The provider has everything necessary to qualify it for the best VPN for DAZN. It has more than 5200 servers in 62 countries including special streaming servers with improved bandwidth and speed. The proprietary SmartPlay technology will hook you up to a fast server for streaming in a selected country without any extra steps. Thanks to the constantly expanding network, NordVPN easily bypasses blacklisting on streaming services. The service also provides dedicated IP addresses to streamline assess to local web platforms in selected countries. You can opt for a dedicated IP in Germany to unblock DAZN. NordVPN offers a great variety of subscription options including 3-year plans with 75%. Cancel the subscription any time within the 30-day refund window if something is not to your liking. 


ExpressVPN is ideal to watch DAZN and other streaming services thanks to the best in class connection speed. No matter which server out of 2,000+ available you choose, you will always get a flawless streaming experience without lags and buffering. It supplies simple apps for a variety of devices that allow a quick manual connection to a preferred location. Alternatively, you can opt for the SmartLocation function that will automatically pick the fastest server for you. Thanks to SplitTunneling, you can set priorities for your web activities and choose which ones of them to protect with a VPN. Even though ExpressVPN is not the cheapest provider, you can get a great deal by subscribing for a 1-year plan. If you don’t like anything about ExpressVPN and want to quit, you can do it hassle-free within the first 30 days.


PureVPN is a provider with a comprehensive range of features ideal for accessing geo-blocked services. PureVPN runs a large server network with 2000+ units present in 140 countries. The service boasts unique Ozone Ready servers with additional antivirus, Internet filter, and intrusion prevention for ultimate protection. You can also resort to various add-ons if you need specialized features (port forwarding, DDoS protection, etc.). You can sign up for a dedicated IP address in a country where DAZN broadcasts to ensure smooth and trouble-free access. The provider is one of the most affordable services, especially if you are willing to purchase a long-term subscription. A 31-day money-back guarantee is in place to try the service out risk-free.

VPNs to Avoid

Some providers state they can unblock streaming services including DAZN but nothing could be further from the truth. Free VPNs, for example, are likely to be blacklisted. This is because they have small server networks that are easily detected and banned by streaming businesses. Even if you managed to get a working service, you will discover that it is extremely slow. Then you will stumble upon another issue – a limited amount of data doled out every month. On top of that, free services collect information about your browsing behavior and even sell it other businesses. If you don’t want your privacy to be in danger, avoid free VPNs like a plague.

Easy Steps to Watch DAZN with a VPN

It is really easy to unblock DAZN with a VPN on your device. Make sure you have a subscription with DAZN and then follow these steps:

  1. Select a suitable VPN service from our list.
  2. Install its VPN client on your device.
  3. Launch the VPN client and connect to a server in a country where DAZN is available (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, the USA or Japan).
  4. Visit DAZN website or launch their app to watch sports live streams. 

VPN providers we talk about in this post supply apps for various devices. Check the list of devices and OS on their websites. 


DAZN is a great choice for avid fight fans. You can watch it no matter what country you live in with the best VPN for DAZN. Don’t be scared to try any of the recommended providers on our list. They will make your connection safer while allowing you to do any online activities you enjoy.


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