Best UK VPN Services in 2017

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Why do you need UK VPN

Just two months ago, the Investigatory Powers Act was passed in the United Kingdom. This act allows the UK government to utilize a number of different tools to hack and snoop into the business of everyday citizens. The Guardian calls the bill “the most sweeping surveillance powers in the western world.”

That means that it is now harder than ever to protect your privacy while you are browsing, sharing files, and streaming in the UK.

But what you can do is subscribe to a VPN service. This will allow you to access the web through a secure, encrypted connection which hides your location and protects your data.

VPN services are also great if you live or are travelling outside the United Kingdom and want to access UK-only regional content such as programming on the BBC iPlayer or Channel4 All 4. This content is blocked in other countries, but you can access it by using a VPN server located in the UK.

There are hundreds of VPNs right now, but most of them do not offer top speeds and reliability at affordable prices. Whether you are located in the UK and want to protect your privacy or you are located elsewhere around the world and want to access UK content, here are the three Best UK VPN Services we most highly recommend based on our research.

The Best UK VPNs

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1. PureVPN

PureVPN is one of the most prominent names in the VPN world. The company has been in operation for more than ten years now, and has more than 750 servers around the world. Compatible with over 20 devices, it allows you to log in on up to five simultaneously. Additional features include unlimited data transfer and server switching and split tunnelling.

Because PureVPN features fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth, it is an excellent choice for streaming the BBC, Channel 4 and other UK channels, as well as content from elsewhere around the world. It is also fast enough to support P2P and gaming. So if speed is your top priority, you are not going to find a better choice than PureVPN.

What about privacy? PureVPN offers multiple levels of encryption and has a strict policy against saving logs of customer activity. So if the authorities come snooping, PureVPN has your back.

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2. IPVanish

IPVanish is another big name in the VPN industry. If you check Google Play, you will find thousands of reviews, so this is among the most popular VPN apps in existence. You can use IPVanish on your desktop, laptop, mobile device or compatible router.

There should literally never be a time you cannot find a fast server on IPVanish in a country of your choice; there are more than 750 servers to choose from in total. Along with this astonishing diversity, IPVanish offers you a range of security protocols to protect your privacy along with a zero-log policy. IPVanish is very cost-effective as well, making it the perfect choice if you are on a budget shopping for a VPN service in the United Kingdom.

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3. NordVPN

Finally, one more VPN that we highly recommend for UK customers is NordVPN. NordVPN offers 1000 servers in 59 countries along with 3,000 free proxies. While most IP addresses on NordVPN are shared (and free), you can pay for a dedicated IP address if you need one.

NordVPN features a number of different security protocols, but has a couple additional security features as well: Double VPN and Tor. As a result, NordVPN is not as fast as PureVPN or PIA, but for UK residents who are particularly concerned about their anonymity, these extra features may be worth the trade-off in speed. Most customers report that they are able to find servers which offer them the speeds they need even for demanding activities like sharing or streaming, but you may need to check a few at the start of a session.

All three of the companies that we recommend offer outstanding customer service 24/7 through live chat, and provide additional answers through their knowledgebase articles and tutorials.

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VPNs for UK Conclusion

The United Kingdom has generally been known as a liberal place to live, but recent surveillance laws are threatening to erode the freedoms that UK citizens have enjoyed for so long. Even though the Investigatory Powers Act passed with scarcely any resistance, you are not the only UK citizen to be concerned about your rights and your safety.

But you can take steps to protect yourself from these draconian measures. PureVPN, IPVanish, and NordVPN all offer high speeds, strong encryption algorithms, and the bandwidth you need to surf the web, send emails, stream video, play video games, or share files through P2P applications. Sign up for the Best UK VPN at one of these sites today, and you will be standing up for your right to privacy in the UK.


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