Is Astrill VPN Good For Torrenting / P2P

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Astrill VPN has won millions of users thanks to its simplicity and the abundance of function. The service has been around 2009 so it really knows its way around the VPN industry. But is Astrill VPN good for torrenting and secure for p2p enthusiasts? I did my own research and the results are here.

Does Astrill VPN Allow Torrenting on Its Servers?

Long story short, Astrill VPN does allow torrenting p2p on selected servers. Those are marked with a yellow star on their app. The service doesn’t have a mind-blowing number of servers so users are somehow limited by the variety of available options. Currently, Astrill offers only 334 servers in 62 countries and only a fraction of them is suitable for torrenting. You can use only those locations that support port forwarding and OpenVPN or StealthVPN encryption protocols.

On the bright side, the provider has unlimited bandwidth and it doesn’t throttle your speed. Speaking of which, Astrill has an excellent download speed if you connect to geographically proximate locations. The speed drops more noticeable if you reach servers stationed at a different continent but in general, the service’s performance makes a good impression.

Is Astrill VPN Secure for Torrenting

Astrill is a Seychelles-based service founded in 2009. This island country doesn’t have compulsory data retention legislation and it doesn’t cooperate with spy agencies. Off-shore locations secure VPN services from the government intervention and allow them to keep their client’s privacy intact. In particular, VPNs are not obliged to log user data. However, they can do it voluntarily (for troubleshooting or network condition monitoring, for example).

Astrill refused from collecting any traffic logs but it is not a 100% log-free provider. The service stores information about the last 20 connections to solve possible technical issues. It discards this data if there were no connections within the last 30 days. The information kept comprises duration of a session, time of connection, a type of a device, and Astrill app version. The provider also logs the amount of bandwidth used but its privacy policy doesn’t specify for how long. Anyway, the service has no logs able to compromise user’s privacy and that’s good. More specifically, Astrill keeps track of some timestamps (including your IP address and connection time) but they are erased as soon as you terminate your connection.

While you download files from torrenting sites, your activity is protected by encryption protocols OpenVPN and StealthVPN. The former is an industry standard and currently, it is deemed as unbreakable. StealthVPN will help users to bypass automated firewalls. Astrill has a wider variety of security protocols but they are not available for p2p file sharing.

If for any reason a connection with a VPN server fails, unencrypted traffic wouldn’t be able to slip into the network thanks to the built-in Kill Switch. Protection against DNS, IPv6 and WebRTC leaks is also in place.

Many users will appreciate a split tunneling function as well. It creates an anonymous and encrypted tunnel when you download torrents while providing the ability to use your regular connection for other purposes.

With all these security features available, i can say that Astrill VPN is secure and safe for torrenting & p2p.

Astrill Pricing and Tariff Plans

Astrill is not a cheap service by any mean. The most accessible plan costs $8.33 per month if you purchase a 1-year subscription. For the six 6-months plan the service will charge you $69.90 which is equal to $11.65 per month. You can also pay monthly if a heavy price tag of $15.90 doesn’t scare you off.

You can test the service within the 7 days trial period. There is also a 7-days money guarantee (that doesn’t work, however, if you used a trial period prior to the paid subscription).

Astrill Alternative for Secure Torrenting

While security facilities of Astrill are fine, its pricy subscription and a modest variety of server location may definitely put off some users. If you are one of them, there is a provider able to take care of your torrenting needs for a reasonable price. NordVPN offers hundreds of servers supporting p2p traffic and outstanding privacy-focused features. It is one of a few providers with a foolproof zero-logging policy.

Astrill for Torrenting Conclusion

Astrill is a good service for torrenting but it is not ideal. It has an average package of security features. It’s logging policy is pretty solid but they do monitor some parameters of your last 20 connections. Lastly, there is a meager selection of servers optimized for torrenting and the price for the service is pretty high.


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