How to Get American Netflix in Italy

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Although local versions of Netflix are available in 190 countries, American Netflix still remains sought-after for people from around the world. Why? It is because the US Netflix offers large and well-balanced libraries with thousands of shows and movies. While Italy is the country with the fewest TV shows on Netflix, American Netflix is the world’s leader on this parameter. This is the main reason many viewers ask how to get American Netflix in Italy. Here, at VPNTrends, we are happy to answer this burning question. 

How to Get American Netflix in Italy with a VPN

If you don’t live in the USA but really want to watch American Netflix, you have two options: either to move to America or get a workaround. Sure, the first option is a bit harsh, so let’s talk about the second solution. 

One of the simplest and hassle-free ways to get the US Netflix in Italy is a VPN. Such a service hides your original IP address and makes it look like an American one. Since an IP address from the US will convince Netflix that you are American, you won’t have any problems with accessing America-only media catalogs.

That’s in theory. However, in practice, it is extremely hard to find a VPN that works with Netflix. Since the streaming service doesn’t want users to switch between different localized video libraries, it started banning workarounds. Netflix can easily figure out VPN traffic and blacklist an IP address it came from. There are only two solutions for VPNs to maintain access to Netflix: either constantly expand their networks to replace blacklisted servers with the new ones or offer dedicated IP addresses.

The Best VPNs to Get American Netflix in Italy

There is only a handful of VPN providers able to withstand Netflix’s crackdowns. We’ve tested the unblocking capabilities of multiple services and picked the best 3 VPNs to watch American Netflix from Italy:


Thanks to the massive and regularly expanding server park, NordVPN is among a few VPN providers winning the cat-mouse game with Netflix. Almost 1900 out of their 5200 servers are located in the USA, meaning you have plenty of options when it comes to getting an American IP address. Of course, you won’t be able to unblock American Netflix with all of them but the service tries to keep users in the loop regarding Netflix-supporting servers. If you doubt what location to connect to, you can simply contact their user-friendly support team and they will quickly provide you with information. One of the foolproof ways to ensure uninterrupted access to Netflix is an American static IP address. You can include such an add-on to your subscription plan and enjoy a smooth and trouble-free connection. 


ExpressVPN has a smaller network than NordVPN but it manages it the way to ensure the users are never cut off from Netflix. If you face any connection issues, just message their around-the-clock support and they will restore the connection or offer a whitelist server to hook up to. When it comes to streaming speeds, ExpressVPN is a cut above other VPNs. The service delivers blazing-fast speeds no matter what server you use. You can even check a server’s speed even before you connect with a built-in speed test. ExpressVPN is available for a wide range of streaming devices, and its apps are recognized as among the most straightforward and easy to use in the industry. 


PureVPN is the other service able to beat Netflix’s ban. While two other providers on our list are able to support connection to Netflix through shared IPs, PureVPN decided to focus on offering affordable dedicated IP addresses in the USA. Since you are the only user of such an address, Netflix is not able to recognize its VPN origin and ban it. PureVPN is fast and easy to install on basically any streaming device. Its competent customer support is at your disposal any time of the day and night. The servers with dedicated IPs feature great connection speeds and smooth performance. PureVPN is extremely affordable even despite an extra fee for a static IP address. 

How to Watch American Netflix in Italy with a VPN

You’ll be surprised how fast and simple it is to install a VPN client on the chosen device. Follow the instructions below to get started:

  1. Get a subscription with any VPN service on our list.
  2. Download its app for your device and install it.
  3. Contact the provider’s customer support to find out which American server works with Netflix.
  4. Launch the VPN and connect to the suggested server.
  5. As soon as the connection establishes, you can log in to your Netflix account and watch the US library from Italy.

You can install a VPN on your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, a variety of TV boxes, gaming consoles and even routers.

Why American Netflix is Unavailable in Italy?

American Netflix, as well as other versions of this video-on-demand service, is accessible exclusively by local viewers due to copyright agreements between the streaming giant and businesses that own content rights. Believe it or not, but Netflix has to purchase a separate license for every single region it plans to broadcast a particular show or movie in. If the service’s management believes that a video won’t be popular in Italy, they will simply refuse to buy it for the local audience. 

Such a content distribution between the regional divisions of Netflix leads to the fact that some countries (the USA, for instance) have huge libraries bristling with various films and shows, while other regions have to settle for a scant number of titles. For comparison, US Netflix has 1676 shows and Italian Netflix only 776. Naturally, Italian viewers are unhappy to have limited video catalogs, so they began to fake their IP addresses to pretend to be accessing from America.

When movie studios and TV networks found out that the streaming service allows foreigner users to get American Netflix catalogs, they threatened to sue Netflix for violating copyright agreements. Netflix had no choice but to ban access to American libraries for overseas subscribers.

Final Words

You can get American Netflix in Italy with the right VPN provider. Free VPNs or common-or-garden services are simply unable to avoid Netflix’s bans due to limited server networks. When you pick one of the best VPNs to unblock American Netflix from Italy, you’ll get broad access to servers in the USA, special add-ons such as dedicated IP address, good speeds, and helpful customer support.


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