Round-of-16 of the UEFA Champions league is underway and with itcome some titillating match ups.  From Real Madrid-Napoli, Bayern Munich-Arsenal—again, and PSG-Barcelona. Currently, no single club has ever won successive European Cups in all the Champions league.

With that said, there is always a first time for everything and Real Madrid is looking good for it. Will they be the first? Watch UEFA Champions League live online using a VPN and find out from anywhere in the world. Geo-restriction will not apply to you!

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Where to watch UEFA Champions League matches live online

Quick heads up! All the services mentioned herein will involve watching/streaming the events online so do check your local listing to see if the matches are being aired free of charge.

Sling TV

This is a popular choice for streaming services and will give you access to both Fox Sports One and Fox Sports Two. All the UEFA Champions leagues matches are aired on these channels, which makes Sling TV an exceptional choice for watching the spicy matches.

Furthermore, you can watch them from the comfort of any device you choose since Sling TV is cross-platform compatible. This means that your Chromecast, IOS, Android, Xbox One and Roku devices will work just fine with the service.

However, Sling TV is geo-restricted—which means you can only watch from the U.S, but with a VPN you can get around this pesky little problem.

Fox Soccer 2Go

Fox is the proud owner of the rights to UEFA Champions League matches which makes Fox Soccer 2Go an excellent alternative for watching the Champions League online. The price tag might be on the higher side but do keep in mind that it will cover all tournaments including all UEFA Champions League football.

Additionally, the service also lets you stream directly from your desktop’s browser and also supports Android and iOS through some cool apps. But there is a catch, it’s geo-restricted to U.S residents only but don’t fret over that we’ll show you how to watch the UEFA Champions League live online from abroad, even Australia.

BT Sport

In the United Kingdom, BT Sports owns the rights to the Champions League in the region. However, there is a tiny bit of problem. You can only watch the games from the UK since you will need a UK subscription which might be an issue if you’re not a UK resident.

This also applies to those of you who are airplane hoppers and find themselves outside the UK—even if you have a UK subscription. But there’s a ray of sunshine we’ll show you how to get around this.

These are just some of the popular choices but if you’re looking to get more channels for wherever on the planet you are, only visit LiveSoccertv for a more exhaustive list.

Something worth mentioning; For Aussies, you can use either SBS or BeIn Sports or the above sites to watch the Champions League but the rest of you the above will do just fine.

Free streaming method

If you happen to be on a tight budget for whatever the reason and paying for a subscription to watch the UEFA Champions League online is a hassle, then you’re in luck. However, you still have to pay for the internet. There are some alternative sites you can stream from, but most of them are illegal.

With that said, as good a deal as this sounds, getting nabbed by the authorities isn’t fun. However, if you’re using a VPN, while streaming gives an extra layer of protection and privacy from the government and your ISP.

If you still have the heart to do this, then the best place to start is here.

How to watch UEFA Champions League Live Online in Australia or anywhere else in the world

First of all, for this to work you need to have an active VPN connection to a server in the country you want to stream from.

If you don’t know what a VPN is you can read this guide, it will tell you everything you need to know. Additionally, if you don’t know which service provider to choose here are top recommendations for the best VPN.

Here is our step-by-step guide to Watch UEFA Champions League using a VPN.

Step One

You need VPN connection and for that, you will need an active subscription from a VPN service provider. If you don’t know where to start, then you can read our VPN reviews here to help you make your decision. You should note most of them are paid services but to get a good deal just choose the annual or biannual plans.

Step Two

Once you’ve activated your subscription, you’ll get a download link for the software. Download the software and install it in each of your internet-enabled devices. Now it’s time to launch your VPN software.

Step Three

Choose a VPN server that is located in the country where streaming is allowed. You can check official list here.

Step Four

Now that your VPN is connected go to any of the streaming services you selected and sign up. Once you’re done with the registration process, you’re ready to go.

Pro tip: maintain your VPN connection to prevent any playback issues. You can always disconnect the VPN when you’re done.

Watch UEFA Champions League with a VPN: Conclusion

There you have it soccer aficionados. By using a VPN, you can watch any and all matches of the UEFA Champions league from anywhere in the world. Just get a beer, sit back and enjoy the games.


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