The National Football League season is coming up and football fans the world over are excited to see the match-up of their favorite teams. And though not everyone will watch it live at the stadium they can, however, watch NFL online.

Unfortunately, the problem with this is that it’s only available in the U.S and not all of us live there. Adding to that, the coverage is location-based and restricted to the U.S except for Monday Night Football on ESPN, Sunday afternoon games on Fox, Thursday and Sunday Night Football on NBC.

With that being said, we have an ace up our sleeves for sports fans outside the U.S. Through a VPN service; it is possible to get a spoofed IP address in the U.S and get authorized access to restricted feeds that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.

The idea here is to make it seem like you’re a resident in the U.S. But how do you do this? We decided to create a guide showing you the ins and outs of working a VPN so you can enjoy NFL online.

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1. Choose one of the recommended VPNs and download it

After you’ve decided on your best VPN software proceed to download it from the respective service provider. Then go on to sign up and choose a subscription package to be able to access the software.

Most of them aren’t free, and you will have to part with some of your hard-earned cash. You will often have the option of selecting an annual, biannual or monthly subscription package. I would recommend the biannual or annual packages as they usually have discounts. Plus, you get to use it for either 6 months or an entire year should you choose.

Once you have activated your subscription, you will then be provided with a link where you can download client service.

ExpressVPN allows its users to access the service on 3 devices simultaneously which means you can watch NFL on the go from whichever device you have. The software download doesn’t take long and is easy to install, whichever the platform.

2. Select OpenVPN as your encryption protocol

You should note that watching NFL through “black hat” means is in breach of their T&Cs so to be safe you should choose the OpenVPN encryption protocol. To that end, we selected only the best and highly secure VPNs for our guide. Every VPN service provider on the list is handpicked by us and has the encryption protocols needed to be safe. Be sure to select this encryption protocol when you’re setting up your VPN.

The OpenVPN encryption protocol will give you privacy and anonymity as you watch your favorite teams battle it out on NFL. Also, your web browsing activities will be completely anonymous. This means that your ISP, Uncle Sam, and website won’t be able to track your online activities.

3. Link to your chosen US server

After you’ve downloaded the VPN client software, installed it and selected OpenVPN you can now choose and connect to a US server. Always go for a U.S server with the least number of “pings” as it will probably provide you with the fastest speeds at that particular time—usually found further up the list. Having checked that off your list you can now go to where you intend to watch NFL from.

4. Where do you Watch NFL Online

There are numerous options available to you to watch NFL throughout the entire season. One of these options and a highly popular one at that is watching it from broadcasts of Fox and CBS. The games available to you depend on the location you’re based in. You could also watch the games free of charge with a U.S cable subscription using a VPN.


Pull up a chair, and let the games begin!

Unlock Blackout Games

For those without a cable subscription, you could use NFL’s game pass to stream the event.

Pricing options do vary with each region, but you could save some cash by utilizing your VPN to link to a region outside the U.S and then subscribe to an international NFL game pass. You would be then able to work around those pain in the butt blackouts and get to watch every single NFL game for your pleasure!

Here’s how you use a VPN to work around NFL blackouts:

1   Sign up for an VPN account and install it on your best device.

2   Visit and get an International Subscription. (to get the cheapest option be sure to select and connect to a server outside the U.S.)

3   Pull up a chair, get a beer and enjoy the games.

Using Sling TV to watch NFL online

Using Sling TV is by far the cheapest option for watching NFL online from anywhere in the world. For a measly $20 you can sign up for several channels which include: NFL insiders and watch NFL’s pre/post game analysis on ESPN. You also get a full week to try it out free of charge—so you get to see what it’s all about.

However, only U.S residents can use Sling TV so spoof your IP address to get a U.S IP using your VPN, and you will be able to sign up for the full week trial period.

Once you’ve had it for a week and decide you like you can go for the basic package which grants you access to live stream on ESPN, AMC, TNT, CNN, Disney, TBS, ESPN2 and much more for a monthly fee of $20. Alternatively, if you want to milk the NFL season dry, then you should consider Sling Blue + Sling orange to get the best American football experience.

Watch NFL Online using VPN Conclusion:

The best things in life are free, and in this guide, we have done just that. We have provided you with a completely free guide showing you everything there is to know about unlocking TV feeds from the U.S so you can get to watch NFL online.

All VPN providers included are highly reliable, highly secure and have top of the range encryption and privacy policies.

Our favorite VPN for bypassing the blocking restrictions of NFL games on both sides of U.S’ border is PureVPN. It has a wide selection of US servers you can choose from. Even though we have a favorite the rest of the VPNs are just as capable of performing per your requirements and have numerous US servers at relatively fast speeds. You can watch NFL online in HD quality with either of them.

If you are a diehard NFL fan and are picky about what you’re looking for then you should consider checking your local listings for regional-specific information. Then you will be able to spoof your IP address with that of whichever region you decide and get to unblock and watch feeds of games in that specific region.

VPNtrends wish you the best NFL season and if you have got any questions don’t hesitate to contact us or write in the comments below.


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