Founded towards the end of 2015, TotalVPN may be new in the industry but has gradually emerged as a popular choice for many VPN users. Its popularity is due to many factors, including high quality service and excellent performance in an industry that has long been dominated by top VPN providers. Based in United States, TotalVPN may not have as many servers in multiple locations worldwide as the more established VPN providers, but its servers are known for being quite strong and sustainable enough to provide users with a wide range of dynamic and static IP addresses in a consistent manner.

One of the most attractive features of TotalVPN is BitTorrent traffic which is not a feature present in many VPN providers. Users can download and upload large files without leaving any footprint behind since Total VPN does not store users’ activities logs. It is reliable, safe, and private for all your internet activities. Total VPN is SSL secured with 256 bit encryption, has ultra fast streaming speed, and provides the easiest way of accessing geographically blocked content.

Talking of cost, which is a major concern for many VPN users, TotalVPN has attractive pricing plans and a free trial that does not even require a credit card. The company provides a 30-day money back guarantee just to show you how confident they are of their services. Their customer support is also on-point, active 24/7, to handle all technical or billing queries from clients.

Let’s look at a few pros and cons about TotalVPN


  • Offers a lifetime free package limited to 3 server locations
  • Allows bit torrent traffic
  • Works with all the commonly used devices and operating systems
  • Provides dedicated apps for both iOS and Android platforms
  • Does not store users’ logs
  • Provides ultimate security and privacy protection
  • Great customer support
  • Has a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Has a free trial


  • The free version has a significantly reduced speed compared to the paid plans, as expected anyway.
  • Subscriptions are renewed automatically without giving the user prior notice in case there is a change in price.
  • Fewer servers in comparison with the more established VPN providers
  • Need to improve on the amount of information provided in their configuration manuals

TotalVPN Main Features

Total VPN comes with a host of features designed to provide security and privacy to users while browsing the Internet.

Security and privacy protection

Total VPN assures users of high level security and privacy protection, which is not a wild claim since the network is SSL secured with a fail-safe security layer that uses 256-bit encryption to keep you safe from cyber hackers, spammers, and other snooping eyes that may cause irreparable damage to your personal or financial activities online.

TotalVPN Protocols and Encryption

You can always tell a good VPN provider from the rest of the pack by the type of data encryption and tunneling it uses. TotalVPN provides the same protocols used by many of the top VPN companies, but goes a notch higher for consistency and connection reliability. They provide a combination of military-grade encryption technology with the best protocols in the industry today such as:

  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP
  • L2TP complete with AES algorithm

Both OpenVPN and L2TP protocols at Total VPN come with 256-bit encryption keys, while PPTP deploys 128-bit encryption.

Access to blocked content

TotalVPN provides users with dynamic IP addresses in a wide range of countries that allow you to access geographically blocked content. You can easily access all the world’s best streaming channels that are inaccessible in your country. As censorship and geo-restrictions become more prevalent due to strict security concerns in many countries, this VPN provider gives you the passport to bypass all forms of restrictions and censorship limitations. TotalVPN lets you enjoy unlimited streaming experience at very high speeds, without lags or unnecessary delays.

Enhanced Torrenting experience

It is hard to access Torrent sites in many countries, especially due to restrictive copyright laws. However, with TotalVPN you can access and download or upload large files anonymously because it allows torrenting without giving away your IP address on the Torrent network. TotalVPN does not keep a log of your online activities. That gives you complete anonymity while downloading content in Torrent sites.

Three simultaneous connections

Total VPN provides users with the option of 3 simultaneous connections. This basically implies that you can use up to 3 devices at the same time from a single TotalVPN account. The simultaneous connection expands your protection level on multiple devices. It lets you enjoy the highest security protection on your PC, tablet, and smart phone at the same time using one account.

Compatibility with multiple devices and OS

Total VPN is a multiplatform VPN solution that is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices. You can use the VPN without a hitch on all Microsoft Windows versions above Vista, on Mac OS X, on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, on Android devices of 4.1 Jellybean and above, and on routers with manual configuration.

totalvpn devices

TotalVPN Servers and Locations

Compared to other top VPN providers, TotalVPN has a limited number of servers. It is a new player in the VPN industry, barely a year old. Its servers are located in 26 cities across the world. A large number of its servers are in North America, Asia, and Europe. TotalVPN has 21 servers in North America, 26 in Europe, 9 in Asia, 1 server in Africa, 3 in Oceania, and 1 in South America. The company is still working on modalities to expand its number of servers worldwide, but with at least a server in 6 continents, this VPN provider is still capable of enhancing its users’ online security and privacy wherever they are. You can check out Total VPN’s server details such as current load under the servers tab in their official website.

totalvpn servers and locations

Speed and Performance Test

A test on speed and performance of different Total VPN servers showed a reliably excellent performance. We started with the weakest servers and still found the results satisfactory. The best and most consistent server was on New York, especially on connectivity and speed. It had a little bandwidth loss, but could still stream all forms of en-demand entertainment content without interruptions. If seamless live streaming is your thing, TotalVPN is the solution for all your entertainment needs.

Total VPN Pricing Plans

TotalVPN provides quite affordable pricing plans without complicated sign up processes. The company has three packages namely:

  • The forever free package with speed and IP address limitations
  • An annually paid plan of only $4.79 per month
  • A monthly plan of $4.99 per month.

totalvpn pricing plansThe best part about these packages is that they all provide access to multiple servers and offer all the protocols and encryption options provided by the company.

Unlike many VPN providers, Total VPN provides a free trial that you can use to test the waters before you decide to pay for one of the two paid plans. The free trial, though limited in features, does not however require any financial or credit card information. The trial is limited to 3 servers and a low speed of 2 MB/s. The best part of the trial is that you get access to all the tunneling protocols and unlimited data. You can only use it on one device.

Payment options at Total VPN

Total VPN accepts a wide range of payment options without any restriction on your preferred method of payment. They currently accept Visa and Visa Electron, MasterCard, Amex, Delta, and PayPal. As a provider of high level Internet security solutions, TotalVPN payment platform is encrypted with the best security solutions. Your payment details are completely hidden from prying eyes.

Total VPN customer Support

One of the best things you’ll love about Total VPN is its friendly and fast responding customer support team. They are always available 24/7. The support team is quite knowledgeable about VPN matters too. They are skilled, very courteous, and will usually provide you with a fast solution in less than 5 minutes after you state your query. We contacted them about a device setup issue which was solved in less than 15 minutes. You can always use their detailed knowledge base which however does not provide plenty of information on configuration issues for a first time VPN user.

Total VPN’s Privacy Policy

Total VPN has a strong policy against storing logs of users’ activities online. Their privacy policy clearly states that they never divulge any information about a user’s data to third parties because they do not keep such information in the first place.


Our experience with Total VPN showed this is a reliable provider, despite being a new player in the industry. Its pricing plans are quite affordable, considering you get a free trial to test the waters before you pay. Their servers, especially those located in North America, Europe, and Asia are top-notch in terms of speed, connectivity, and consistency.

TotalVPN further provides a 30-day money back guarantee which speaks volumes about the confidence they have in their security and privacy protection services. If we were to rate TotalVPN, we’d give it 4 stars overall for performance and reliability.

Our Score

9.1 Good

Very fast servers with high level of security, located across America, Europe and Asia is what makes TotalVPN one of the best vpn providers. They offer affordable prices with 30 day money back guarantee, and are great to use vpn service for any purpose.

  • Price 9
  • Security 9
  • Speed 9.5
  • Support 9

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