Google ChromeCast is a new device developed by Google that allows users to stream online content through their TVs. In other words, the ChromeCast allows you to turn any regular TV into a smart TV and when you consider that it’s something that costs just $35, it is indeed a great bargain. The ability to stream anything on your TV using ChromeCast will, of course, lead you to online content, and as you will discover, the device will not be able to stream geographically restricted content. This is where the idea of getting some of the best VPNs for ChromeCast comes in. With a VPN, you don’t need to worry about geographically restricted content. Just click and start streaming.

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Why is ChromeCast so popular?

The ChromeCast is a very simple and compatible device that works very well with many TV versions. This has made it a very popular choice for people globally. Until today, Google has sold over 20 million units all over the world. What makes the idea of using a VPN with ChromeCast very popular is the fact that it’s actually very easy to set up.

Unlike other Devices such as the Smart TV or the Apple TV which require a lot of technical knowledge to setup, the ChromeCast will only require a few simple steps and you will be good to go. We are going to show you how to setup ChromeCast in this article and also give you a list of the best VPN services that would work very well with ChromeCast. With Google ChromeCast, what you need is to make sure that the device doing the streaming is on a VPN.

What to look for when Choosing the right VPN for Chromecast

The main reason why people choose a VPN service is to guarantee their privacy as they surf online. As you select a VPN of choice, you need to keep this in mind. The first thing you look for is the encryption protocol that the company you have chosen uses. Different VPN providers offer different levels of data encryption and the aim for you is to go for the most effective one.

In addition to this, you also need to consider the cost. While VPNs are priced differently, you need to pick a provider that offers the biggest value for a relatively smaller fee. Finally, ensure that the provider has a variety of servers available in different parts of the world. This will play a big role when you are trying to unblock geographically restricted content online.

How to connect ChromeCast using a Flashed Router

Using a flashed router to connect ChromeCast will be the easiest solution for you. Even though flashing your own router will require some technical skills, you can buy pre-flashed routers online. The great thing about setting up a VPN on your flashed router is that it will protect all devices that connect to the internet using IT.

For example, if your flashed router is configured with a VPN, you can now use it to stream anything with ChromeCast on your TV without worrying about anything. Once the VPN is setup on the router, you don’t need to set it up on your TV or any other device as long you are using the router to access the internet.

How to Flash the Router

If you already have a router and you don’t want to spend more money buying a new one, you can actually flash it. There are two open source firmware options that you can use to flash. The first one is called DD-WRT and the second one is called Tomato. Make sure that your router is compatible with these two softwares before attempting to flash. The guide on how to flash your router using the Tomato is here.

Chromecast VPN: Conclusion

ChromeCast is a leading high-quality streaming device but in order to get the best of it you will need to unblock geo restricted content online. Getting the best VPN for ChromeCast will help you do it. Leave your comments or questions below and we will get back to you in no time.


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