Can we still access Netflix using a VPN ?


Accessing Netflix outside of the United States using a VPN

If you are living overseas and want to be able to access the hundreds of movies and TV series available on Netflix you probably already thought about buying a reliable vpn service, to unlock their application and get your hands on the goodies. The problem is that Netflix has been cracking down on VPN users and trying their best to make sure we are not able to use this workaround to access their network. Some VPN services have been affected by this momentarily and has the battle rages on between Netflix and the rest of the world we are updating this blog with the services that are still capable of doing the job and provide us with the keys to entertainment heaven. So without further ado this are our best choices to unlock Netflix online:

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What’s the best VPN to access Netflix ?

That’s something that can change in any given moment, as the company flexes it’s muscles and tries to stop them from working the number of mainstream servers will start to diminish. Right now the majority of VPN reviewing websites are scrambling to find reliable services that are still able to unlock Netflix with decent speeds and connectivity. Meanwhile the entertainment company seems to be winning the battle of wits and successfully cornering the market where they want it to go. This is a great opportunity for less known VPN services to get into the spotlight and emerge as good alternatives to unlock Netflix, as long as they can deliver a decent service they are game. Big players like ExpressVPN and HideMyass won’t stand in the sidelines for long so expect them to make a comeback sooner than later to recover from this hit.

Will Netflix be able to block every VPN out there ?

We think they will try to block the most used VPN services, the ones that have a bigger name won’t try to circumvent their block because they have more to lose and don’t want to have a big company like Netflix lawyering up and going after them. Don’t worry there are plenty of options around to access Netflix overseas and we will do our best to cover the better ones for our readers. In the long run this is something that Netflix will have to analyse and think through carefully because what they are doing is only pushing potential clients away and giving them a bigger incentive to just outright pirate content and look for alternatives on torrent websites.

In our opinion Netflix is a good service with a great variety of quality entertainment options, with this in mind it wouldn’t be out of the question for a big percentage of people that use VPN’s to access their services to become regular legit costumers in the future. Only the future knows how this war will end but don’t forget to check our blog because we will be updating this article regularly to make sure you choose the best service.


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