The school systems are meant for academic use only. It is because of this reason that they are restricted for other uses. However, there are so many students who would like to use the internet at school to do something else that is not academic related. If you want to know how to bypass internet restrictions at school, this is the article for you. In the end, the information here will help you unblock sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and so many others.

Best VPN To Unblock Internet Security Restrictions and Filters At School

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Bypassing Web Filtering At School Using A Proxy

Using a proxy to bypass internet restriction at school is perhaps the easiest option. Normally, in cases where the internet uses filters, all the traffic goes through a proxy that decides which content is blocked and which one is not. Using a different non-default proxy to get by will help you bypass the firewall and surf whatever you want. In the end, you will have no issues with restriction and you can access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media websites. Here is a list of notable proxies that you can use to bypass the firewall in your school.

Using A VPN To Unblock Internet Restriction At School

The job of the VPN is to basically create anonymity. In other words, once you begin to surf the internet, the school’s firewall will not know you are surfing from there. The traffic that arises as a result of surfing online is encrypted by the VPN, making it easier for you to bypass the firewall and the web filters to access anything you want. You can setup the VPN manually or use an app to have it done easily. You don’t need to subscribe to a paid service to use a VPN to bypass your internet restrictions at school. There are quite a number of VPN services that come for free so don’t worry, however they come with many limitations so if you are tight on budget check our list of cheap VPNs.

What Are Some Of The Websites Blocked In School?

In order to make sure that you are not distracted while you are at school, the administrative there will have a firewall to block anything it feels is bad for your studies. There are so many filters set in school internet and students tend to suffer for this.

Here is a list of some of the commonly restricted websites in school:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • DailyMotion
  • WhatsApp

How Can I Get A VPN for School?

In case you are already tired of having to wait until your home to access your favorite websites, then the idea of using a VPN to surf the internet at school would be the easiest option. The great thing is that there are quite a number of VPN providers out there. VPN services come into broad categories – there are the paid services and the free ones. The free VPN services are designed for basic use. As for students who just want to unblock basic social media sites, the free versions will come handy. However, for more complex tasks that require 100% privacy and anonymity, it would be nice to go for a more advanced paid version that offers more features.

How To Setup A VPN for School WiFi

Setting up a VPN on your phone or PC is actually an easy thing. The following are some of the basic steps you can take in order to get this done:

  1. The first thing is to choose a VPN provider of choice. It could be a paid version or a free version as long as it works for you
  2. Once you have found the right VPN provider, subscribe or sign up
  3. Go to the provider’s website and download the VPN client software
  4. Install the software on your laptop, mobile phone or device that you are using to access the internet
  5. Connect and enjoy your online surfing experience

Conclusion On Unblocking Internet Security Restriction At School

There is no doubt that education is important and you need to explore all available resources at school as much as possible. However, as we all know, too much work without play makes Jack a dull boy. The guide above on the best VPNs to unblock internet restrictions at school should come handy for many students out there.


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