The Amazon Kindle is a great place to read great content but there are so many restrictions. If you have used the Kindle long enough, you will realize that the content in there tends to be very geo-restricted and if you are from a different part of the world other than the US, you may find it very hard to enjoy the full experience of Amazon Kindle. However, there is a solution for this. Using the VPN for Kindle will truly help you mask your identity and access any type of content on the Kindle platform.

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What is the Amazon Kindle Fire?

The Kindle Fire and the Kindle HD are Amazon devices that are designed to help you access a variety of entertainment options available on Amazon from books, movies, TV shows, etc. You can also use the kindle fire to surf the internet. However, there is no doubt that not all people who have the Amazon Kindle enjoy the kind of experience it offers. There are so many limitations.

To start with, there is a lot of geo-restricted content on the Kindle platform. There are some movies, TV shows, games, books, or even music albums that are only allowed in specific countries and not others. This means that even if you have the most advanced Kindle device, you won’t be able to access this content. This kind of limitation can affect your overall entertainment experience.

In addition to this, since the Kindle is developed by Amazon, you may realize that the apps you can install on it are quite limited. You will see that when you decide to download and install a certain app, you are blocked. Kindle will only allow you to install apps recommended by Amazon and this can be quite annoying.

How to Configure a VPN on Kindle

Using a VPN is the only solution to help you unblock the full value of the Kindle Fire or the Kindle HD, and in fact, here are some basic solutions that you can use to configure and set up Kindle Fire or Kindle HD:

Connecting Using A Flashed Router

Connecting using a flashed router is the simplest way of setting up a VPN for your Kindle. Do not worry about flashing out your router. Nowadays, there are pre-flashed routers so just get them for your internet needs. However, in case you have already bought a router and you would like to flash it, softwares such as Tomato and DD-WRT will help. Routers which are compatible with DD-WRT are listed here while those which are compatible with Tomato are listed here.

In case you need more information about how to flash your router, here is a guide for DD-WRT and a guide for Tomato. Configuring your VPN on the router once it is flashed is easy. Here is a guide to setup OpenVPN on your router. Once the VPN is configured in your router, anything connected to it including your Amazon Kindle will be secured. You can now access content online and download or install any app that you like.

How to SideLoad Android VPN Apps on Your Kindle

Even though Amazon will not want you to install regular Android apps on your Kindle, it is something that you can easily do. However, keep in mind that in doing so you may be in violation of their terms. Here are some simple steps you can take:

  1. Drag down the Kindle’s notification bar and select more
  2. Go ahead and download the ES File Explorer from the Amazon App Store
  3. Go to your desktop computer and download the OpenVPN installer
  4. Use a USB cable to connect your Kindle to your PC and then drag and drop the OpenVPN installer to the downloads sections of your Kindle
  5. Use the ES File explorer app to find the OpenVPN installer and install it
  6. Get a VPN service and setup the OpenVPN as per the instructions given by your provider

Best VPN for Kindle: Conclusion

Getting the best VPN for Kindle can help you open up new entertainment possibilities. If you have any questions or even some comments, do not hesitate to leave them below.


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