The idea of the anonymous VPN has been floated out there for quite a number of times but let’s be clear, there is no such thing as an anonymous VPN. There is this belief out there that surfing the internet with a VPN makes your anonymous but the truth is that it doesn’t and we will explain why to you.

However, there are still some very effective ways you can use in addition to the VPN to protect your privacy on the internet. This option will give more anonymity than just a mere VPN. First, we wanted to give you a list of the best anonymous VPNs in 2017 so that you can make the right decision.

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What to consider when choosing an Anonymous VPN

As clearly mentioned earlier, the VPN that you will be using will not make you truly anonymous. It will only mask your identity. Don’t also forget that the VPN service provider can track your IP and see what you are doing online. There is always that element of trust that is needed to be there between the VPN provider and the customer.

A VPN simply gives you privacy, not anonymity, and here are some important things to consider when you are choosing a VPN:

No Logs

The idea of getting a VPN with no logs means that the VPN service you are using does not keep a record of how many times you connected, where you connected from, and also how long you were connected to their servers. In addition to this, no logs also means that the VPN provider will not track your online activity including the websites you visited while being connected to the VPN service. If you are looking for more privacy and relatively better anonymity as you search the internet, you will need a logless VPN service. Here is a detailed article of how logless VPNs work and why they are ideal.

Shared IPs

The concept of shared IPs is a very common feature in leading VPN providers which help in increasing the level of anonymity. With shared IPs, the VPN makes it very hard for an outsider to track what people are doing online. However, you are still not 100% safe with shared IPs because what someone needs to do is to simply analyze the connection that the VPN will log and see who was connected at a particular time when a given action was taken. This process is called end-to-end timing attack. This is why you need to combine the VPN that offers shared IPs with a logless one.

Disposable Email Accounts

Your email is perhaps your most unique identity online. Everything you have on the internet is somehow connected to your email. From PayPal accounts, online banking, and even your Facebook profile, if your email can be tracked then it will be easy to also track you online. To save yourself from this you need to sign up for a VPN service that offers a disposable email. This means that you will sign up with a different email and dispose of it as soon as you are done. This helps to add more security and improve privacy for all the VPN users. If you are paying for a VPN service, do not use a payment method that is directly linked to your bank account. This leaves a financial trail that can be followed right to where you are. Instead of using money, use Bitcoins, or other anonymous payment methods out there.

Using Your VPN and TOR

Tor is one of the best ways to secure your identity online, and if you combine it with a VPN, Tor will offer the kind of anonymity that you are looking for. Tor simply routes your connection to three different servers called random Nodes. Each of the three nodes re-encrypts the data going through them, making it very difficult for someone to monitor your activity.

Best Anonymous VPN: Conclusion

While VPNs on their own will not deliver the kind of anonymity most people have in mind, with the simple factor explained above, you can get it done. Feel free to leave any comments about the best anonymous VPN in 2017 or ask any questions you may have below.


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