The internet has evolved quite a lot over the last few years. Search engines have made it easier for people to find what they are looking for, but even then, the threats to information out there have grown bigger and bigger. In case you are keen on surfing the internet, you need to use the best search engines for privacy. Google is one of the leading search engines out there but the truth is that the safety of your web traffic and your privacy online is not guaranteed by Google.

Google follows your web traffic and web activity every time you search and this is not an ideal thing for many people. As a result, many people are looking at alternative means that can help them surf online without having to worry about privacy. The great thing is that there are a number of new search engines that allow you to search whatever you want online without any worries and this article will give you the full list.

DuckDuck Go

This is one of the most popular search engines out there for people who are serious about their privacy online. One of the reasons why DuckDuck Go has become very famous is because of the privacy guarantee that it offers. This search engine, unlike Google, does not track your web traffic or your web activity. Even though it shows ads, they are clearly marked so that you don’t click on them without knowing. The ads are also not in any way targeted based on your web traffic, but they are actually based on your search.

Start Page

Start Page is also another great pick for privacy searching online. The website is based in the Netherlands which is actually a big plus since privacy laws in Netherlands are very robust. With the search engine, there is no tracking of web traffic or web activity. You can surf online without any fear. You can also proxy any connection with Start Page without having to pay anything. This is an additional layer of security that indeed works best for everyone.


Hulbee is a Switzerland-based search engine that is privately owned. The search engine has eliminated web traffic tracking. It will not track your location either. In addition to this, you will also not get targeted ads towards you. And there is more. All the searches made are encrypted so there is no chance of interception by other hackers.


SearX is a fairly smaller search engine but it is a great pick for privacy. Unlike the major search engines, it will not track your web traffic or even build your profile based on what you search for each day. In addition to this, the search engine will also not share any information about your searches with a third party. This makes it just the right choice for people who want to surf online and maintain their privacy and anonymity.

Using A VPN To Surf Privately Online

If you are not able to access the search engines above or perhaps you just love Google, you can also secure yourself using a VPN. In all honesty, the idea of using a VPN offers the most effective way of protecting your search history, location, or any other information that is tracked by traditional search engines. VPNs offer additional layers of encryption for your search data, making it very hard for any third party to crack it.

In addition to this, once you have a VPN, you can access a wide range of content online and not worry about repercussions. There are many people who use a VPN to watch geographically restricted materials. In addition to this, you will realize that, sometimes, finding the search engine that will ultimately offer you the right privacy takes time. However, with a VPN, you just connect and go. Nothing else is needed.

Final Thoughts About The Best Search Engines For Privacy and Security Protection

The best way to ensure you are safe as you search for anything online is to use the best search engine for privacy. However, if you feel that this is too much trouble, there is always the easier option of getting a VPN service. The VPN offers the quickest and the most effective fix for problems related to privacy and security online.


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