VPNSecure.me Review – Open, Click and Go?

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This Australian-based VPN provider promises to help you take back control of your privacy. Anybody visiting VPNSecure’s website will be reminded that, without using VPN, ‘everything you do online can and will be tracked’. I guess that is why people like me – and, no doubt, you – want to invest in high-quality online security. This secure VPN provider promises encryption with absolutely no logging in an ‘open, click and go’ format. I wanted to know if it really is as straightforward as that.

Getting started with VPNSecure


  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Live 24/7 chat support
  • Smart DNS and HTTP proxy included for free
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Highest standard of OpenVPN encryption


  • Manual setup for PPTP
  • Only one connection to each server at a time
  • Needs more channels for smart DNS service
  • The refund policy is limited to technical issues only


When I signed up to test this service, just this month, November 2017. VPNSecure was offering a 7-day money back guarantee on all price plan purchases. I think this is a pretty good deal, considering some other VPN providers I looked at do not offer any guarantees. The pricing plans available include:

Packages start with a rolling monthly price of $9.95; then you get 6-months which costs $49.80/$8.32 per month. And then finally a 12-month option which will set you back $79.92, the equivalent of $6.66 per month.

Information to Hand

The company’s user-friendly website offers video tutorials, live chat help and plenty of information about the VPN service on offer. A pretty sleek draw to anyone remotely interested in protecting their online security, it was enough to tempt me to sign up for and produce this review.

Servers and Connection Speed

With around 69 servers in 48 countries, I bought into the affordable pricing plans and cast iron guarantee that it does not and will not store logs of websites visited.

I tested the network’s capability to support secure P2P file-sharing as well as torrenting, which is allowed on 90-percent of this VPN’s servers. I accessed the servers using Windows connections, and it worked well with all my devices. Connection speeds varied from 2Mbps to 2.5Mbps download. As for the app, it offered me language options and, obviously, I chose English. Other options available are Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, and French.

If the speed of a VPN matters to you, VPNSecure probably isn’t right for you. Instead, try Nordvpn, it offers download speeds of up to 60Mbps.

Features of VPNSecure

This anonymous VPN provider offers multiple protocols with Wi-Fi security and a whole bunch of other cool features, including a kill switch. It delivers built-in obfuscation technology which has been designed to navigate even the most restrictive DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) Firewalls for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Activating this stealth VPN is as simple as switching it on.

One of the biggest drawbacks you will find with this VPN is that it works only with one connected device at a time. Many VPN providers in the same price bracket have not imposed such a limit, which makes VPNSecure not such an attractive alternative to some of the bigger names out there. The VPN supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Android, OS X, Linux and iOS. I am sure there are many Linux users out there who are pleased to see their online security hasn’t been overlooked. The VPN will even work if you use a Tomato or DD-WRT router.

If you are anything like me, you probably connect to free wi-fi when you are out and about. I do it all the time, and it is a primary reason I decided to sign up to give VPNSecure a try. Knowing I was putting myself at risk every time I chanced it, lessened my user experience because I was worrying. I don’t want my personal data to be stolen by cybercriminals or for my information to be recorded and stored without my consent. That’s why I need a secure, anonymous VPN.



For a VPN provider that states it is willing to switch jurisdiction to protect the privacy of its clients, online security clearly really is at the heart of everything this company does. I was able to choose the best encryption cypher for my needs while ensuring the connection speed was the best available to me from the location I was in. You can choose cypher strengths between 64bits to AES-256, depending on your encryption preferences.

I wanted AES encryption because it is regarded as offering top-level protection from prying eyes. One of the things I like about this VPN is that you can downgrade or upgrade the cypher strength to meet the needs of privacy threats in individual locations. I increased the cypher strength for the highest encryption when connecting to free wi-fi. I guess, this feature is even more useful for people who regularly travel between different countries.

In fact, in its effort to reinforce its commitment to privacy, VPNSecure states: “If required we will move jurisdictions and go above and beyond for you.”

Enhanced Security

AES- 256 gets my vote for security because it provides the user with an extra layer of privacy. The encryption is much harder to crack – in fact, so far, it has never been decoded – than lesser options, though there is a kick-back with connection speeds. It is a little slower. However, the tiny difference is worth it for the enhanced security provided.

Other security features include DNS and UPD leak protection, as well as IPv6 leak protection. You can use this VPN and be assured your IP address, timestamps, DNS requests and bandwidths used will not be logged. While VPNSecure does keep users’ email addresses, usernames and passwords, all passwords are encrypted with AES-2048. While I would prefer encryption with AES-256, I appreciate the cypher strength provided will cover me for known threats.

Client User Experience

Downloading my copy VPNSecure was easy. I just selected the device I wanted to install the app on and was ready to go. I was expecting to be confronted with a complicated program, but it was surprisingly easy to use. Once I downloaded the software, I was automatically invited to log in.

Once logged in, the simple user interface allowed me to choose a server from a list of 48-countries. All of these servers are operated solely by VPNSecure, and they all support protocols such as OpenVPN, HTTP Proxy, Smart DNS, Obfuscation and SSH SOCKS. They promise low ping times and super-fast connection speeds if you use the server closest to your location.

When I connected, the interface clearly showed my status. (A banner will tell you if you disconnect. The VPN comes with a kill switch, so your information won’t be exposed if you lose connection.

Overall, really easy to use. Simple design and quick to navigate. I was expecting it to be much more complicated.

Customer Support

The live chat kicks in as soon as you visit the website. You can’t miss it – it’s quite a prominent feature. I prefer to use live chat, because of the almost instant response. I can’t stand trawling through FAQs, forums and tutorials. However, I did find the video presentation helpful – especially when I was considering whether to sign up for the trial or not.

VPNSecure provides 24/7 customer support. The link to its support features appears in the menu at the top of the homepage. Apart from live-chat, the support includes app downloads, a Knowledge Base and an email ticket form.

I asked live chat about the free trial – to ensure it really was free – and received a quick, courteous reply.

Overall Impression of Service

While I couldn’t connect to Netflix using VPNSecure, it worked well in all other areas. The connection speed varied, depending on server location and the cypher strength I chose. However, the lower speeds would not put me off recommending this VPN to other people.

The choice of servers was adequate for my needs, though I am aware that competitors offer more servers and in more countries. That may be something you would want to consider. I liked the fact that I could test this VPN with the option to get my money back. Meaning, I had nothing to lose, and neither will you, so I am really pleased I gave it a go.

As well as offering me great online security, the software was really easy to use. The interface is simple with a design that makes the software easy to navigate quickly.

Would you prefer to give something else a try? Check out my reviews of NordVPN and ExpressVPN.


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