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VPN Services for Torrenting

Why using a VPN while torrenting is a great idea


We live in a age where all kinds of information are available to us in a matter of seconds thanks to the Internet and all the technology around us. With the Internet boom piracy has become one major concern for brands and companies that rely on digital content and products. To try and combat piracy some countries have created laws that allow private entities to sue their citizens if they are caught “stealing” copyrighted material from known Warez and Torrent websites. A good example of this is Germany, where your traffic is monitored by the government and many Internet users have been sued and had to pay huge fines because of downloading from websites like Piratebay. But it’s not only Germany that has this kind of strict laws regarding copyrighted materials, the United States has been imposing the same Internet laws for a while and tracking down people that they deem to be major offenders. Some torrenting websites have been virtually removed from the search engines and blocked from many american Internet Providers. We have compiled a list of the best VPN services for torrenting that you can use to safely access this kind of websites and download your favorite content.

A VPN service can be an excellent alternative to circumvent this block and use torrenting websites safely and anonymously

If you are unable to enter your favorite TV show websites or you like to use torrents to get your entertainment fix a VPN service can be the answer to your situation. Faster than proxies and more reliable than DNS changers there is a big list of tools that can help you avoid copyright infringement claims and access all the websites you want without giving away your precious IP address. Always avoid shady websites that ask for your personal details or try to download suspicious files that may harm your computer. If you follow this instructions and make good use of a VPN tool you will minimize the chances of being caught by the government or attacked by hackers trying to exploit vulnerabilities in your machine.

Torrenting websites and the future of the Internet

As more and more countries block access to this kind of websites people turn into ingenious alternatives to secure their freedoms. We understand that content creators have the right to see their works appreciated and receive royalties from their hard work, but piracy will always exist as long as the entertainment industry continues with their policy of creating content that is purely commercial and is quickly forgotten by the new shiny pop song or blockbuster movie. The answer to piracy is quality and a better approach to poorer markets that need a bigger incentive to spend their money on things that they can get for free on the world wide web. Lobbyists and big companies will try to combat this reality with all their strengths and push for more control and harsher punishments, in the end the Internet will still be here and unfortunately they risk being a thing of the past. Some artists are already understanding this and providing platforms for people to download their music for free creating a positive marketing strategy that leads more people to enjoy and embrace their initiatives.

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