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VPN services for Gamers

Top VPN services for gaming – How to choose the best one


Gamers worldwide have been trying to find ways to improve their gaming experience for as long as there as been Internet available. From connection boosting software to lag reducing hardware players always felt like latency and higher pings was their worst enemy and one of the biggest causes of frustration during the early years of gaming. This problem persisted until today and competitive players are still trying to optimize their connections to get an edge on latency that can make the difference on a more competitive setting, in a era where e-Sports are rising and optimal performances are needed for anyone to become successful.

With the introduction of new technologies and the widespread usage of fiber optics among internet providers worldwide, many of this problems have been addressed enabling the growing community of players to become one of the biggest rising industries of our time. High latency can be a problem of the past for most of us but ironically this also increased the potential for disruptive behaviors such as Denial of Service Attacks (DOS) that have become an headache for many Streamers and professional gamers targeted by this kind of illegal activities due to their lack of protection.

How to protect yourself against Denial of Service attacks while gaming

Take into consideration that for you to be the target of a Denial of Service the attacker will have to know your IP Address and if you are using twitch or a similar website to broadcast, your real IP will be exposed. To safeguard your network and your anonymity you should use a VPN SERVICE that best suits your gaming needs. The most important aspects you should be looking for are:

  • Low ping
  • High connectivity
  • High connection speeds
  • No IP Leakage


This will offer a layer of protection that will help you against the majority of attackers but shouldn’t be the only security measure you take. Make sure to have a firewall enabled on your computer and if you know how to configure your router ports create a new set of rules to minimize the amount of vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an hacker.

The VPN Industry can be the answer but they are not there yet

Even though the VPN services are improving and fulfilling our daily Internet needs in many important areas i don’t think they are the solution for gaming enthusiast yet. Maybe with the introduction of more cloud based VPN services for gaming we will see a turn in the right direction but until then the current speeds we are getting from using this tools would do worse than good in our fight against latency and pings. The option still remains for people to use the VPN as a protective tool against hacking and to serve as a shield to protect our anonymity online.

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