We all love social media, we spend nearly an hour each day on social networks, and the reason for this is, well, we get to catch up on new stories, business opportunities and connect with our friends. Currently, Facebook is the largest social network having an active user base greater than the population of China—1.79 billion users to be exact.

However, many Schools and countries like China and Iran deemed it fit to block access to this network, but there is no reason to fret over it. We created a no-frills guide to show you how to unblock Facebook at school or when traveling to countries that censor the Internet and get Facebook access.

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Why organizations restrict access to Facebook

Social media, Facebook, in particular, offers a platform for borderless communication that allows us to freely express our opinions to billions of people around the world without fear of repercussions. It gives an unprecedented communication freedom which most governments don’t look too kindly on.

More reserved countries like China, Egypt, Tajikistan, North Korea and Syria block access to Facebook as a means to restrict any and all incitement towards social unrest. On the other hand, private organizations and social institutions block access, well, because they want you to work harder—no distractions!

Countries that block Facebook

We decided to include a list of countries that block Facebook if you didn’t know or are planning to visit one. The number of countries that bend over backward to block Facebook include the following:

North Korea 

In this country, it’s not just Facebook that is blocked but every other social media network—Instagram, Twitter, etc. The main reason for this is because there is very little internet penetration in the region.


Iran officially banned Facebook in the country following the 2009 elections because bureaucrats feared that the opposition used Facebook to orchestrate its movements.

People’s Republic of China

China actively began blocking Facebook following the Urumqi riots in 2009 since extremists were using the network for communication and a heavily government-censored network, Renren took its place.

So, should you unblock Facebook?

Even though some countries claim to have a genuine reason to block access to Facebook, I think it’s a load of BS! I can’t think of a single good enough reason for a blatantly outright ban like in some countries. Facebook simply connect us to the world.

It allows us to interact with our family, relative and colleagues from anywhere in the world, in a user-friendly intuitive way, unlike other communication platforms. Furthermore, at the click of a button, you can share anything from funny cat videos to educational material.

Ways of unblocking Facebook

There are as many ways to unblock Facebook as there are fingers on your hand. We’ll list our top two ways and then our recommended way of unblocking Facebook.

Using the IP method

This method largely depends on whether the DNS—domain name service, of Facebook is censored. By DNS we mean www.facebook.com. The IP method involves identifying the IP address of Facebook from your command prompt and then typing it directly on your browser tab’s URL input field.

However, most countries don’t censor the DNS but the IP address, but you can try out your luck with this method. With that said, we wouldn’t recommend you use this method since it’s not secure and doesn’t use encryption so your location can be traced.

Using Tor 

The Tor is an acronym for The Onion Router; it is a free to use, open-source software that allows you to surf the internet through their network of global servers anonymously. If you’re a whistleblower, activist or someone that needs anonymity on the internet, then it is perfect for you.

We recommend using Tor if you’re in a country that censors Facebook heavily or if there a risk of being prosecuted when you unlock Facebook. However, it is a bit of an overkill for regular internet users who just want to unblock Facebook at school or in the office.

Having said that, Tor usually suffers slow surfing speeds, and you have to use their browser, so the one that you like will have to go out the window. If you’re looking for a faster, user-friendly way of unblocking Facebook at the click of a button, then we recommend using a VPN.

Using Web Proxies

Web proxies link to the internet through a publicly available HTTP server and let you browse the internet anonymously right in your browser tab without having to install any proprietary software or configure any settings. However, even though they are quick, efficient and free, they have a lot of drawbacks.

Web proxies won’t secure your internet connection through an encryption protocol, they usually have internet drop outs especially when you visit a site running Flash or Java, and their IP addresses are known to be blocked by some websites.

If you’re looking to unblock Facebook at school or work, then they will suffice. However, they are a poor choice if you’re looking to unblock Facebook from a censored country because they are unstable and don’t use encryption protection.

Which means your location can be traced and you will be subject to those annoying ads that keep following you everywhere. We highly you use a VPN to unblock Facebook.

Using a VPN

VPN is an acronym for a Virtual Private Network. A VPN allows you to connect to the internet securely and privately by using a secure server provided by your VPN service provider. When you connect to the internet through a VPN, every data packet exchange is encrypted before it is transmitted.

Consequently, your internet activities are actively being concealed from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the government. Furthermore, any VPN provider worth their salt will provide a global network of servers you can choose from to mask your IP address and location.

What to consider when choosing a VPN service provider—in a nutshell.

You want to go with a VPN service provider that has numerous servers located worldwide so that you will be able to access all geo-restricted content—including Facebook. Secondly, you also want to check the privacy policy of the provider and in this case, go with a no-log VPN provider.

Finally, make sure that the service provider uses robust encryption protocols—a good example is Layer 2 tunneling, and it goes without saying, they shouldn’t be buddies with censorship authorities. If you’re beginner, then be sure to check our comprehensive VPN beginners guide.

How to Unblock Facebook using a VPN

Unblocking Facebook through a VPN is quite easy and the amount of time required to set it up is less than the time it takes to down that cup of coffee.

Step One

Firsts off, you a need a VPN service provider. If you’re not sure which one to pick, then simply read our review of the best VPN. Once you choose a VPN service provider, head over to their respective website and sign up.

You should note that most good VPNs aren’t free and you will need to fork out some cash but don’t worry; they’re quite cheap. Additionally, VPN service providers usually have discounts on 6-month and one-year subscriptions. So, now you have a little extra cash for beer.

Step Two

After you’ve activated your account, you will be redirected to a desktop client download page where you will then download the VPN client and install it on your computer or internet enabled device(s).

Step Three

Once you finish installing, the VPN client should automatically launch, if not, then you can simply launch it yourself. Proceed to choose a location—any country where Facebook is allowed, for your server, and enable the VPN.

Step Four

Now all that is left is for you to open Facebook on your respective device’s browser of Facebook app and enjoy your newly found internet freedom.

That’s it. Easy as pie, right?

In case you’re still stuck choosing a VPN provider, then we recommend using PureVPN. Additionally, we have an excellent comparison guide for the best VPN service provider and to make sure everything is working out just fine look at our how to test your VPN connection guide.

What else do you get with a VPN?

Unblocking Facebook is just one of the perks you get with a VPN; this is only the tip of a humongous iceberg of opportunities. Furthermore, using a VPN allows to you to access Facebook from anywhere in the world even in North Korea—once you sort out the internet problem.

Also, most VPN service providers have a global network of servers which means you can spoof your IP address to anywhere in the world. How does this help? Well, if you’ve ever tried to watch a YouTube video and were told the video isn’t available in your country, then you could just use a VPN and spoof your IP address to where it is allowed.

One of the best perks of a VPN is that it gives you an extra layer of protection when browsing the internet, this means your ISP, government or even hackers won’t be able to monitor your online activities. Moreover, your personal information is also secure since a VPN encrypts all traffic between your computer and the internet.

Adding to the list of benefits of using a VPN, is that a VPN also secures your Facebook experience especially since hackers use the social network as a phishing site. Moreover, you will be able to bypass any censorship imposed in your country and access all the content on the internet.

Conclusion on How To Unblock Facebook Uusing a VPN or Proxy

It doesn’t matter which country you’re in or whether they are actively censoring Facebook or other social media networks, if you’re using a VPN, then getting access will be child’s play. Regardless of the reason for blocking Facebook if you have a VPN, then you will not only get access to blocked websites but also get a secure internet connection. Whether you’re looking to unblock Facebook at School, College or Office, following the steps listed above will grant you access.


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