Is Popcorn Time Legal or Illegal in USA?

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Allowing users to stream an incredible range of movies and TV shows for free, plenty of people regularly ask, ‘ is Popcorn time legal or illegal?. Indeed, doesn’t it seem a little bit too good to be true, that all of those blockbusters are available at the click of a button, while Netflix charges a monthly subscription cost?

Interestingly, different countries have different rules when it comes to using services such as Popcorn Time. So knowing if you’ll get in trouble for doing so will require a little research. In this article, I’ll help answer the question is Popcorn time legal in the USA?

How Does Popcorn Time Work?

Popcorn Time streams video from torrents, which means that it gathers all of its video files from other user’s computers. For the user (that’s you), it all looks and feels exactly like Netflix. So, it’s a simple case of browsing through a library of films and TV shows and just clicking on those you wish to watch.

The reason that Popcorn Time is such an excellent service is that everyone can watch the latest movies for free. Currently, in its beta phase, but is still very user-friendly. Its designers have promised users that they will keep the service running forever.

Recommended VPN Services

These are the VPN’s I recommend for Popcorn Time to keep your streaming and browsing activities safe from prying eyes.

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Can You Get Caught Using Popcorn Time?

If you were to access Popcorn Time with your own IP-address, then yes, you can be caught using Popcorn Time. Of course, the next question you’ll be asking yourself is ‘ can I get in trouble for using Popcorn Time?’.

This question is a little more complicated to answer as every country has different rules regarding shared content. However, in most, if discovered, often the violation of copyright infringement can have serious repercussions.

Were you to use a VPN, however, you would be able to use Popcorn Time without being detectable. See the recommended VPN service providers above for details, or read my reviews of those available here.

What Devices work with Popcorn Time?

popcorn time devices


Having written this article, it’s only fair that I gave the popcorn time app a try. I managed to find the APK, for my Android smartphone. I downloaded, and installed it, and gave it a try, it worked! Other platforms it is available for, are Windows and Linux PC’s, Mac OSX, Android tablets, iOS iPhones, and iPads. Plus, streaming deceives like the Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV and possibly more.

However, this compatibility continually changes, so, check back as I update the list above.

So Can I Use Popcorn Time in USA?

To answer the question, we set out with: Yes, you can use Popcorn Time in USA, but it’s advisable that you use a VPN. Furthermore, please remain mindful of the content you view. Indeed, it is not illegal to use Popcorn Time in USA, but it is illegal to download and share copyrighted materials. Especially if you do so without the necessary permissions.

Therefore, the best advice I have is to be careful what you download and abide by the law. Additionally, you should be cautious about which videos you upload through a torrent service as this is a serious offense.

Other than that, kick back and enjoy Popcorn Time!


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