Is Zenmate VPN Safe to Use?

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Zenmate is a VPN service based in Germany. It began as a proxy service and gradually added more features to become a full-blown VPN service. So is Zenmate safe for anonymous browsing, torrenting, and much more? 

To answer this question, we’ll explore Zenmate’s security features and logging policy. We will also check the VPN’s ability to protect your identity.

About Zenmate

Zenmate is based outside the US in Berlin, Germany. Many would consider Berlin as a safe location for a VPN service. However, despite the fact that Germany’s data privacy laws don’t require data retention, there is an ongoing Internet privacy and data disclosure tussle between the European Union Commission and the European Court of Justice. On top of this, the German surveillance agency or BND is extremely invasive. It has even been known to work closely with the American NSA and other foreign agencies. 

Keep in mind that Germany is also a signatory of the 14 Eyes surveillance treaty. This treaty includes the US and the UK. All the countries in the network have agreed to cooperate and share information about everything including web-based issues. It is quite apparent then that Zenmate’s location in Germany poses a huge risk of the government accessing your personal data if they use legal channels to make the request. 

Zenmate’s Logging Policy

According to Zenmate’s privacy policy document, the VPN provider claims that it does not collect or store your activity logs but goes further to state that they collect personal data to ensure that the company provides better services. In fact, one of the bullet points in the document explicitly states that the company collects information when users choose to use a Zenmate server. This is no different from a timestamp. 

So, is Zenmate safe in as far as its logging policy is concerned? Nope. The VPN provider may boast of having a no-logging policy but the truth of the matter is that they record connection logs. Their privacy policy is not quite clear on the important issue of recorded data. You can only guess what kind of information they log and how safe that information is. 

How About P2P Filesharing?

The Germany-based VPN provider gives you unlimited P2P filesharing but still maintains a strict policy that prohibits downloading of copyrighted content. They don’t regularly monitor your browsing activities but as we stated they have the ability to monitor. If they catch you downloading any content deemed to be copyrighted or illegal by their definition, they will most likely terminate your account. Well, that is absolutely NOT safe for people who download heavy files or torrents.

Safer Alternatives to Zenmate

If you are looking for the safest VPN with the best encryption and a clear privacy policy that will leave you doubtless about your personal data, then Zenmate is definitely out of question. It only partly delivers on its promise for zero-log policy. The company’s jurisdiction is not the safest not to mention that its data practices are somehow vague and worrying. If you are serious about privacy you may have to look at other options. 

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Zenmate VPN is definitely not safe to use. The company’s privacy policy shows that your IP address is not safe in their hands and their location in Germany is not the best for a more privacy-focused VPN provider. You would fare better in terms of security by choosing one of the alternatives mentioned in this article.


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