Is Windscribe Good For Torrenting?

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Windscribe is a famous name in the VPN field. It is known for convenient browser extensions that go with desktop apps, a proprietary ad blocker, and a free subscription granting 10 GB of traffic per month. All in all, it is a decent option for secure web surfing but users want to know – ‘Is Windscribe good for torrenting, too?” We hand-tested the service and here is what we discovered. 

Does Windscribe Allow Torrenting?

Yes, torrenting is allowed with Windscribe. Unlike many competitors that supply only a few servers with unrestricted P2P traffic, Windscribe lets you use its entire network. The only exception is made for Russia, South Africa, and India. You won’t be able to use servers in these countries for torrenting. Yet, there are servers in 57 other countries, so you will have plenty of options anyway. 

For the ultimate security, we recommend routing your traffic through torrent-friendly countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland or Mexico. 

What Does Windscribe Offer For Torrent Enthusiasts?

The fact that the provider makes torrenting possible doesn’t yet guarantee that it is a good solution. For example, sluggish speed and bulky apps may turn your experience into a disaster. Therefore, you should know how Windscribe performs in terms of the most important features for torrenting.

  1. Security. Windscribe implements the best encryption methods available today. 256-bit AES ciphers combined with SHA512 authentication, Perfect Forward Secrecy, and state-of-the-art protocols ensure full anonymity on the net. In general, Windscribe is a safe and secure provider. 
  2. SOCKS5 Proxy. If you prefer proxies instead of VPNs for better speeds, Windscribe delivers this function as well. SOCKS5 proxy doesn’t come with encryption but it is a fast and anonymous solution for torrenting. You can configure it right on your torrent client. If you wish, you can use a VPN and SOCKS5 proxy together but it will largely impact your connection speed. 
  3. Speaking of speeds, everything is alright in this regard. With a premium Windscribe subscription, you can enjoy a pretty fast connection. If you are a free user, the speeds may vary and, generally, they tend to be on the slow side. However, you can’t expect excellent connectivity from a free service anyway.
  4. App convenience. The browser extensions won’t help you with torrenting so we review desktop clients only. What stroke us the most is how convenient and flexible theses minimalistic apps are. After installing on your device, you can configure them in just a few clicks and then make use of an automated connection. The servers that support P2P traffic are marked with a special sign for your convenience. 
  5. Logging. Windscribe advertises itself as a zero-logging service. In fact, there is some minor logging going on but nothing to worry about, no identification data is collected. 
  6. Affordability. Windscribe is one of a few providers that allow torrenting even with a free subscription. So if you are ok with limited bandwidth and slow speeds, you can safely torrent at no extra charge. However, if you want to invest in your convenience, you can benefit from an affordable yearly plan that will cost you $4.08 per month.

Things You Need to Consider Further

Windscribe is a decent option for torrenting but it is not the best. If you are a security-paranoid individual, you should know that the service is registered in Canada, the Five Eyes Country. This circumstance may become a red flag for users who take their security seriously.

Another aspect to think about is logging. Yes, Windscribe doesn’t retain traffic logs but it does collect some information about your connection (total bandwidth used, time of your last connection, and some others). Normally, such minor logging is not a big deal but if you live in a country with harsh anti-piracy legislation, you need a truly zero-logging service. 

Windscribe Alternatives for Torrenting

Although we consider Windscribe to be a good service for your torrenting needs, there are a few providers that are even better. They are deprived of the shortcomings we pointed out above. So, if you require the best VPN for torrenting, these three services are at your disposal:

  • Provider
  • User Rating
  • Our Review
  • Price
Our #1 Choice
NordVPN Logo
PureVPN Logo
ExpressVPN logo


Windscribe is a good VPN for torrenting due to fast speeds, strong encryption, and its logging policy. However, its Jurisdiction is not the safest for a VPN company. So, if you are looking for the best option to cater to your P2P needs, we suggest that you use one of the alternative VPNs we recommended.


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