Does Hola Work with Netflix – Here’s What to Do

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Once upon a time, Hola was a good solution to watch Netflix from other countries. Many users would have a Hola app on their phones or browser extensions on their PCs and laptops. The fact that Hola is an absolutely free VPN allowed it to gain a loyal army of fans from all over the world. But after the Netflix’s crackdown on VPNs many providers that used to work just fine ended up being helpless for accessing the streaming platform. So, does Hola work with Netflix or you should rummage through other services? Stay tuned to find out the answer.

Why Netflix doesn’t Like VPNs

Regional versions of Netflix have media libraries specifically designed for different territories. For each show or movie to be broadcast the streaming service has to buy a license that is valid only in a particular country. The more licenses regional departments have the more content is available in their catalogs. Many subscribers find unfair that they have a poorer variety of titles than their overseas counterparts. US Netflix’s catalog is an object of envy for many users because it has the largest number of shows and movies. Despite the fact that content intended for viewers abroad is blocked for domestic subscribers, some tech-savvy people learned how to get around these restriction by changing their IP addresses. The most popular tool that provides such an opportunity is a VPN.

Unblockers are extremely helpful for viewers, but in the Netflix’s eyes, they violate the spirit of the copyright law. The video streaming service has a point here since region-specific content (for which it has to pay) becomes up for grabs for anyone who learned how to use a VPN. 

Netflix, of course, can’t stop users from using unblockers but it can stop unblockers from accessing its media libraries. It is not that hard for the streaming service to figure when people use a VPN. Since the majority of VPN providers offer only shared IP addresses it creates a situation when many different users login to their Netflix accounts with the same IP address. When this happens, Netflix just blocks these IP ranges. Vendors that have a limited number of servers can soon discover that all their IPs are blacklisted.

Can You Access Netflix with Hola?

Hola is a little different from common VPNs. Regular VPNs create networks of servers that route users’ traffic and thus help bypass geo restrictions. Hola has a peer-to-peer basis which means that instead of servers, the traffic is redirected through computers of other users. Since Hola’s network is naturally larger than a network of any VPN provider, you may think that it is harder for Netflix to detect suspicious traffic. In fact, the streaming service identifies it quite easily. 

Because of the Hola’s specific, there are always new users who add their devices to the network and their IPs are not blacklisted by the multimedia platform. In practice, however, it is extremely hard to figure out what specific location to connect to and you won’t be able to get any useful and updated information from the service. 

Even if you are lucky enough to connect to US Netflix with Hola, you may find this experience really frustrating. Some users report that they were able to sign in to their Netflix account but when they selected a show or movie to play the access error message popped up again. Even if you get access to content of your choice you will struggle with terrible lags because Hola’s network facilities are not as fast as servers of regular VPNs. Also, don’t forget that unlike VPNs, Hola doesn’t encrypt users’ traffic. Moreover, this type of connection is quite dangerous because computers you redirect your requests through may mine on your data. The bottom line is that Hola is practically unusable with Netflix and it can be harmful for users.

Alternatives to Hola to Watch Netflix from Abroad

Generally speaking, free VPNs and unblockers are never good for accessing Netflix. If you are looking for a solid solution to bypass geo-restrictions, a reputable VPN provider is able to help. Although many paid vendors struggle to unblock Netflix as well, there is one service that stands out, and its name is NordVPN. Here are the factors that made NordVPN so mighty:

  • A massive server network. To date, the provider has 4,400 servers spread out in 62 countries. The company works by the sweat of its brow to regularly add more and more facilities. They even offer specialized servers for video streaming.
  • Dedicated IP addresses. If you are tired of switching between servers looking for the one that works with Netflix, you can opt for a dedicated IP. Such an address will be 100% yours so no other users can give away VPN connection.
  • Customer support. A server can cease to be useful with Netflix any second. That’s why a good service should monitor the situation relentlessly and provide up-to-date information to its users. NordVPN has a really helpful support team that is ready to answer all your questions 24/7. So, if you experience problems with connection, just drop them a line and they will offer a connection options that work.

Besides these excellent features, NordVPN deserves praise for being probably the most secure service around. If privacy is of great importance to you, a reliable encryption, data leakage preventive measures, and zero logging policy will give a peace of mind you strive for. 

Hola and Netflix Conclusion

Despite having unique features comparing to other VPN services, Hola can’t provide access to Netflix, at least not on the regular basis. It can only bypass geo-blocking on websites that are not as zealous in protecting copyright materials as Netflix. You should also be aware that Hola may pose a threat to its users since it doesn’t encrypt their data and has no control over its network.


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