Best VPN for Australia

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Taking the plunge into the world of virtual private networks can be a life saver for a lot of people. When it comes to staying anonymous and off your government’s radar, having a high-quality VPN is a necessity. VPNs have literally thousands of uses, however, the main thing people use them for is staying hidden online and accessing geo-restricted content, such as Netflix and other movie streaming sites that require users to be from a certain location.

Which VPN for Australia Should I Choose?

Finding high quality VPNs for Australia can be a difficult task if you don’t know what to look out for, which is why we have created this in-depth top-three VPN guide. After years of testing various VPN services we have whittled down the bunch to just three, and we are happy to share our thoughts and experiences with you.

Best VPNs for Australia

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1. IPVanish

Although there are a few good providers for Australian VPNs, it’s important that we don’t glance over some of the other amazing providers that are out there. IPVanish is an example of one of those, and we honestly can’t get enough of their VPNs, they’re great! With servers located on every single content and support for all major operating systems, Australians in need of a VPS need to look no further.

IPVanish takes their customers security incredibly seriously and, as their main priority, they have pledged to do all they can to stop law enforcement agents from accessing any data. To do this, they made it so that their servers collect absolutely no information, meaning that even if the government requests data from them, they cannot provide it. This is incredibly useful if you are someone that likes to stay off the radar. Another fantastic security-based feature they have is that they allow all customer to pay for their VPN via Bitcoin, which further helps you to stay anonymous (They also accept cards, PayPal, etc.)

Overall we think that IPVanish are one of the strongest contenders when it comes to finding the best VPN for Australia, and their strict no-cooperation policy, in regards to the government, makes them ideal for privacy-conscious people. Their desktop and mobile applications are incredibly easy to use and setup (They are available or all operating systems such as Android, Windows, IOS, and OSX), meaning that IPVanish is perfect for even the least tech-savvy people amongst us.

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2. NordVPN

Next up we have NordVPN. They are an Panamian company who have been running since 2012 when VPNs really took off. Their experience and strong business sense have made them one of the biggest providers out there to date and, to put it into perspective, they have over 1013 servers, across 59 different countries, which is less than that of PureVPN, but still very impressive.

Their massive collection of servers allows their users to access some of the fastest VPN connection speeds out there, as they have enough servers to carry the load from all of their clients (Unlike some of the smaller, less experienced providers out there).

Overall NordVPN, is an incredibly experienced provider of VPNs, and easily one of the best out there. No matter what you want to use a virtual private network for, NordVPN has you covered and you can rest assured that your anonymity is in safe hands.

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3. PureVPN

After an incredibly successful ten years in the industry, PureVPN is easily the biggest and most trustworthy name in the business. If you are after a reliable service that is loved by millions, then this is the provider for you.

Their blisteringly fast servers are located all over the world, meaning you can transport around the world on a matter of seconds, gaining access to a whole host of geo-restricted websites like BBC iPlayer and Netflix. What’s more is that PureVPN offers totally unlimited bandwidth, meaning you can use up as much data as you like, and you will never be charged a penny more than you agreed upon.

Like we mentioned earlier on, privacy is often one of the main reasons that someone may decide to purchase a VPN and, if that is the case for you, then you will be happy to hear that Pure VPN permit Peer to Peer File Sharing (Often referred to as P2P), meaning you can transfer files without using a middleman, making you completely invisible online and keeping you out of the spotlight.

Overall if you are searching for the best VPN for Australia, then PureVPN are for you. They have over eighty servers dotted around the globe, meaning that you should always find an available server close to home, giving you incredible upload and download speeds. This, paired with their unrestricted data plans and Peer to Peer file sharing, makes them one of the most reliable names in the market.

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Best VPN for Australia: Conclusion

Overall these three VPN providers are easily the best three on the market and, no matter what you need them for, they will all cope perfectly. Deciding on one specifically can be a difficult task, as they are all so good. We recommend that you try one of them out for a few months, as by then you will realize just how good the service is.

Still not sure why you should get a VPN?

As we have mentioned a few times throughout this article, there are a few reasons why one may choose to purchase a VPN. For starters, they make you completely anonymous whilst online, which helps to protect you from hackers who may use your information for malicious reasons, and the government who may be monitoring your every use.

They also allow you to access websites that may have been blocked by your Internet service provider, country, or maybe even your place of work. Whatever the reason for web filters, having a VPN will allow you to bypass all restrictions, as if they were never there. This is one of the main appeals that VPNs have and, we have to say, we love them for it!


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