3 Best VPN for Spain Citizens and Expats

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Spain has a population of about 47 million people and is one of the leading economies in the world. Internet Penetration in Spain is quite high with about 72% of the population having access to the internet. Even though this is ranked 45th in the planet, it is still one of the best internet coverages in the world.

However, Spain has been making no headway in terms of press freedom. While the country was at first ranked very high in press freedom, this progress has been sliding down each year. There is no doubt that Spain offers a wide range of options for people who want to access the internet with ease and privacy. However, you would need a strong VPN to do this and with our list of the best VPNs for Spain, you will get the all possible options.

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What Are Some Of The Freedom Issues In Spain?

As one of the countries in the EU, you would assume that Spain has no issues with freedom and access to information. Well, you are wrong. Even in the most liberal countries, censorship of information is done on a large scale, and that is not all. Large-scale surveillance programs by the government are also in place.

So, what are some of the privacy and freedom issues Spain has?

Here are some of them:

Freedom of the Press

The issue of press freedom in Spain was not that predominant until recently. According to independent watchdogs, Spain has failed to make any progress with press freedom, and in fact, the trend is actually reversing. After issues with the economy and hard times, many major publications in the country have been skewed towards the local political masters as a way of staying afloat. This simply means that other publications or broadcasting agencies that are viewed as too critical of the government or the policies there are not able to get the coverage they need.

There are also issues with red tape for these publications. And this is not the end of it. In recent years, journalists have been facing legal or even violent pressure for reporting on issues that are not considered in line with what elites there want. Journalists have been intimidated and compromised and this has made it difficult for people to access alternative sources of information.

But, how can a VPN save this? Well, it’s simple. What VPNs do is that they will provide an anonymous venue for reporters and journalists to post content without fear. With a VPN in place, a journalist can be able to publish any content they want and distribute it online without any risk of repercussions. Since the VPN ensures that the identity of the reporter will be hidden, there is no need to worry.

The Ley Sinde Law

The Sinde law, also known as the Ley Sinde Law, was introduced back in 2011 and has been in full implementation since 2012. This law has placed massive resources towards the enforcement of copyright laws. In Spain at the moment, copyright infringement is a very major crime that could attract very serious consequences. However, there is a feeling among people that the government has conveniently used this law to invade the privacy of people in the country. There was a protest a few years ago against it by the Anonymous group.

If want to access copyrighted materials online, you risk arrest and prosecution since your activity will be monitored. In order to avoid this, you will need a VPN to mask your identity. A VPN will help you access any movie, music, or TV show you want. You will also have the ability to unblock geographically restricted content in no time. The great thing with a VPN is that your web traffic will be encrypted so you will not be risking anything.

Conclusion About The Best VPNs For Spain

The idea of using a VPN in Spain has many great benefits. It’s also very easy and simple to install a VPN there. So, just choose one of the top VPNs for Spain that we showed you, and you will be ready to enjoy geo-restricted content. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them down below.

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